Monday, December 26, 2005

just now quarrelled with alison jie..
though.. not really a quarrell.. [ i think ]
to me, it's a quarrel..
well, my mood's not really good these few days..
feeling kinda blue..
reasons :
[1] leaving LPS
[2] leaving 6.3
[3] leaving my bez friends
[4] having a new life soon
[5] everything's gonna change
[6] everyone's gonna get separated
[7] there's no one i know in my new class [ except Gina ]
[8] got embarassed
[9] uncle sebastian keep scaring me with his so - called cute puppy.

Sometimes my uncle can make me feel REALLY IRRITATED with his stupid doggie.
keep bringing the doggie and scaring ME WITH IT.
I like the looks of dogs..
They really must make me lose my temper then they 'll be happy~
i really very very very angry..
i 'm gonna go crazy..
i miss my 7 yrs old cousin..
on that day..
when my bro and me was leaving msia..
i could remember how his face was..
so sad..
and at that moment..
i really wanted to CRY
i just couldn't stand those ppl who are close to me to be sad..
when they cry..
i'll cry with them..
though i dunnoe what's the reason..
but it makes me feel better..

i really dun wanna go Pasir Ris Crest liaos.
that school really.. really... 's too strict.
my earrings re not allowed. [ DAMMIT ]
my earrings.. i've just bought it.. and they tell me that they're not allowed?
Ear Studs...
* sigh *
i really wanna wear my earring.
no horror books allowed.
no harry potter books allowed.
i don't read Harry Potter anyway..
So it's fine with me..
no HORROR books??!!
i need to read horror books !!
i REALLY need to read horror books~~
cos it gives me new ideas to spook my new classmates.
i hope my home teacher is someone nice..
hope she'll be a girl..
hope she won't be someone who screams loudly..
who's stuckup~
who's not boring [ if she's a boring teacher, i SWEAR i will sleep ! ]
7.10 i must reach school..
so i 'll wake up early..
around 6.00am.
there'll be camping too..
i hate camping .
got a lot of mosquitoes.
'tuupid mosquitoes!*

i'll end here ;
i wanna fix my blog liaos..
my cinderella song.. x(
it's all gone.
so i wanna put another song.~
maybe a nice song..
if i write more..
i'll have no time to edit my blog liaos.
buhh byez.*

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I sit in the park where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well.
He took my heart away from me,
Now he wants to set me free.
I see a girl on his lap,
He says things to her he never said to me.
I ran home to cry on my bed,
Not a word to mother was said.
Father came home late that night,
He looked at me from left to right.
He saw me hanging from a rope,
He took his knife to cut me down.
And on my dress a note was found:
Dig my grave,
Dig it deep.
Dig my grave,
From head to feet.
And on the top place a dove.
And remember this,
I died for love...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

If I told you there was someone who loves you
If I told you that he loves you for who you are
If I told you that he cries when you're far apart
Would you believe me?
If I told you that he's happy he made you
If I told you that he smiles when he sees your face
If I told you that he died just to take your place
Would you believe me?
How can I help you to realize
This love before your eyes
Its bliss, the kiss of life you've never known before
If I told you that he knows all your nightmares
If I told you that he hurts for your hurting heart
If I told you that his love can destroy the dark
Would you believe me?
If I told you that he lived just to love you
If I told you that he lived just to die for you
If I told you that he lives in this human heart
Would you believe me?
Who do You Belong to?
I know where I am headed
Do You?

Aww.. how sweet. :3

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Article One - Statement Of Love -
The Kiss:
Kiss on The Hand - "I adore you."
Kiss on The Cheek - "I just want to be friends."
Kiss on The Neck - "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."
Kiss on The Lips - "I love you."
Kiss on The Ears - "I'm just playing"
Look into Your Eyes - "I want you to kiss me."
Playing with Your Hair - "I can't live without you."
Hand on Your Waist - "I love you too much to let you go"

Article Two - The Three Steps Girls - If any guy gets fresh with you, slap them immediately! Guys - If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.
It's rude to stare!

Article Three- The Commandments
Thou shall not squeeze too hard when hugging.
Thou shall not ask for a kiss, but take one.
Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.
The man shall not break up with the woman because of her moodiness.... its called PMS and its not going anywhere!

The Reasons That Guys Like Us Girls!
We will always smell good.... even if its just shampoo.
The way we always find the right spot on their shoulders.
How cute we look when we sleep
How easy we fit into their arms
The way we make everything okay with one kiss.
How cute we are when we eat.
The way we take hours to get ready
How we are always warm
The way we look good no matter what we wear.
How we turn down compliments even though they brighten our day.
How cute we look when we argue
The way our hand always finds theirs.
The way we smile
The way we make them feel when they see our name on the Caller ID
The way we try not to fight with them
The way we kiss them when they do something nice for us.
The way we kiss them when they say "I love you"
Just the way we kiss them
The way we fall into their arms when we are crying
The way we apologize for silly stuff
The way we hit them and expect it to hurt
The way we apologize for hurting them.
The way we say "I miss you."
The way they miss us.
The way our tears make them want to change the world so that it doesn't hurt us anymore..... Yet regardless if they love us, hate us, wish we would die or know that they would die without us ... it matters not.
Because once in their life, whatever we were to the world we become everything to them.
When they look us in the eyes, traveling to the depths of our souls and they say a million things without trace of a sound, they know that their own life is inevitable consumed within the rhythmic beatings of our very hearts.
They love us for a million reasons, No paper would do it justice. It is a thing not of the mind but of the heart. A feeling. Only felt.

a hh s.`

Thursday, December 15, 2005

kinda.. sweet? hees.

if you are lost in your way
deep in an awesome story
don't be in doubt and stray
cling to your lonesome folly
now you're too close to the pain
let all the rain go further
come back and kiss me in vain
mother oh do not bother
hear the chorus of pain
taking you back to proper ways
it's so easy to find
if you could remind me
now you are lost in your way
deep in an awesome story
so I will find you again
kiss you for lonesome folly

sweet isn't it? <3

h 0 l ii d a yy *

Monday, December 05, 2005

s0 l0ng nv p0st anyy bl0g entriies lerhhs.
h0pe k0r can g0 iint0 the same sch00l as miie..
ii'm having a terrible bad cough.
miie g0 playy devilr0 lerhhz.

`Q u e s t ii o n s .. *

Thursday, November 10, 2005

1.What makes you happy?
Manny many thiings..(:

2.If you knew the truth was gonna hurt you, would you still wanna hear it? why?
hhmms..ii think so..i dunnoe whyy..hahaa*

3.Do long distance relationships work?

4.How many people do you know that share your birthday?

5.Is there anyone that you would risk your life for? lurvved ones..

6.Person that other people say you look like:
no onne..

7.What animal would you not want to be turned into?
puppyys? heex. they're so adorable! <3>.<>

*___touchingg [x]

Saturday, October 08, 2005

i remember the dayy when u enter my life...
e special day was 14 feb...
under e starry sky...
u gave mii e 1st present
diamond represent eternal love
i gave u e 1st present..
tie represent lockin` e love..
u held my hand
and told me from the bottom of your hartt
u wanna make me the happiest gal in e world..
blissful tears was welling up in myy eyes now,
c0s u have made it dear,
u bought a lot of sweet stuffs,
u fulfill lots of my dreams..
u pamper me lots,
nv did u once complain wheneva i`m at fault,
all my doubts are gone,
for now i knew i was someone u loved so much..
i love euu my dearr,
promise tt i will nt let euu tear..
together we walk on e lane that `s called

verii r0mantic bahhx?
the msg was sent to mii by a girl wh0 was gettin` mariedd..
i reallyy like thiis msg..=)


-sweet hartt*

Saturday, October 08, 2005

aww..nxt m0ndayy g0nna have science paper s00n..='(
t00 badd..
wanna rest de..
butt cann0t lia0..
tuesdayy g0in` 0utt withh auntie ching, j0elle [[ da jie ]] , weiyi [[second jie]]

thenn auntie chingg preparingg breakfast..f0r us..=P
i`ll eat up all the f00d...l0ls..
dontt lett auntie chingg eatt..
she t00 ---->> (^(00)^)
gett what i meann? =P

kidding larhs.
d0n`tt reallyy kn0w wh0`s she `s inviting..
nvm, i`ll just concentrate on going to her hse !! (:

l0vfees , <33

[x] the future [x]

Sunday, April 10, 2005

slowlyy..waiting for the years to pass byy..(:

[x]1 yrs..
[x]2 yrs..
[x]3 yrs..
[x]4 yrs..
[x]5 yrs..
[x]6 yrs..
[x]7 yrs..
[x]8 yrs..
[x]9 yrs..
[x]10 yrs...

10 yrs !!
10 yrs later, i`ll be 22 yrs old.
how do i look like?
maybe got better sense of fashion style lerrz.. (:
d0n`tt kn0w h0w i`ll look like..
i dunnoe what the future holdds..
but slowly..i`ll kn0ww.

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