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Saturday, October 08, 2005

i remember the dayy when u enter my life...
e special day was 14 feb...
under e starry sky...
u gave mii e 1st present
diamond represent eternal love
i gave u e 1st present..
tie represent lockin` e love..
u held my hand
and told me from the bottom of your hartt
u wanna make me the happiest gal in e world..
blissful tears was welling up in myy eyes now,
c0s u have made it dear,
u bought a lot of sweet stuffs,
u fulfill lots of my dreams..
u pamper me lots,
nv did u once complain wheneva i`m at fault,
all my doubts are gone,
for now i knew i was someone u loved so much..
i love euu my dearr,
promise tt i will nt let euu tear..
together we walk on e lane that `s called

verii r0mantic bahhx?
the msg was sent to mii by a girl wh0 was gettin` mariedd..
i reallyy like thiis msg..=)


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