a day at felicia's house.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

ooh. i'm in love with the song " Kiss Goodbye "!
the song's like so sad. T___T
hmm. i'm downloading the song into my handphone now..

yesterday was quite a ... funny day for me..
i tink. xD
1/7 got in 2nd place for best class award..
[1/7 rocks.]
but then we were made to sit at the parade ground.
bcos 1/7 made too much noise when the teachers weren't around..
after school,
mm and me went to the tower and listened to the choir sing.
their voices are like angels..
so.. peaceful.
when it ended,
everyone clapped! (:
then we headed to felicia 's house to do our chinese project.
we took a bus to her house..
on the bus were full of vulgarities..
like the word.. f..
i suppose all buses are like this.
and weimin started to talk about.. yea, sick things. (x
when we reached her house..
i guess we walked too slow..
thats why felicia disappeared.
in the end.
where was she?
in her own house. -.-
her maid opened the door for us..
and felicia was there..
using her computer..
as usual listening to music too.
she printed out a lot of chinese informations..

after 2-3 hours,
we went down to her condominium 's playground and park..
my skirt got caught up on the swing.
so embarrasing .. )x
it was very fun anyway,
and one lady even commented on our school uniform..
she said that it's a cute outfit. -.-"
with a little ribbon in front..
when we left the playground,
i went to the swimming pool and splash water at mm, weimin, steph and felicia.
i guess the security guard saw it
bcos she came out and started swearing at us. >:(
or was she talking to herself?

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