lifes so meaning-LESS.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


my high wizard lvl 170+ only..
well. at first it was lvl 120, but then a sniper leech me.
after that i went to bathe.
when i came back,
he was gone nia..
well, at least i was lvl 170+ .
blehhs. :P

hmms. actually ..
i was hoping for something..
that will never ever come true in my whole life..
it is IMPOSSIBLE to make it come true..
i've a lot of time today cos today is a holiday.
i can.. straighten out my thinking..
and.. plan... for someTHINGS. (:
it's a secret, and i won't state it here.

no one sms me..
very sian. )x
everyday look at my handphone also no msgs..
except some.. like CHAIN LETTERS. [fuck]
did i just say that aloud? xD

today my grandmama come to visit us in Singapore.
hehes. glad to see her. =D
bcos twice a year i get to see her once.
sadd huhs?
i know alot of people out there get to see their grandmama every month.. or every week.
lucky them.
actually some people find their grandparents very irritating.
but why ??
well, i love my grandmama alot. (:

i tink i'll log in msn now.
byes. (:

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