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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LOCATION: in msia now.

bloody hell, this sucks.
i'm only in msia for 5 DAYS.
and tomorrow i'm LEAVING.
well, i can say that i'll miss msia a LOT.
i won't say anything here.
anyway , i got some pictures from LOSTWORLD, as i went there yesterday.
hahas. it was really very fun.
there're these tube raiders, that really thrills me lots.
well, i will explain how it works.
FIRSTLY- take a yellow tube from the counter.
SECONDLY- take your tube and climb up the hills .
THIRDLY- put your tube on the slide( there's 4 different big slides ) and get ready.
( the shuai ger will help you. hahas. )
LASTLY- slide down and SPLASH!
( it's 1o1% FUN, and you feel like you're gonna trip over )
and there's this.. jungle wave bay..
every 15 mins, ( i think ),
there'll be this big wave..
it's more like a beach,
EXCEPT that there's no sea creatures. LOLL.
only human(:
When you sit in the swimming pool, the wave will wash you ashore.
Then, i saw this really cute horse, surrounded by a lot of children.
I went over there and it cost RM5 to ride on it.
Cheap huh?
Then, as i walk further,
there was this Tiger Valley,
and there were two tigers.
OMG, i got to admit this but they looking really very beautiful.
The staffs were feeding there and they ate hungrily.
Then, I went to play the tube raiders again.
It's really very tiring to climb up with the tube .
The hot spring gross me out.
It has grass and mud in it as it is near the grass and muddy water.
Then, i went to ride on the stormrider,
sounds childish isn't it?
But actually, it's just a big boat and it just swings about..

And two girls behind me were screaming their heads off.
What the bloody hell.
It's just a ride , c'mon.
It's not really very scary, just a bit thrilling.
A pity that i did not ride on the Adventure River.
It's the longest man-made river in Asia.
Thank god i have some pictures which i took from Lostworld,
I'll update it when i go back to Singapore(:

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