sad day isn't it? ;_;

Thursday, September 14, 2006

change my blogskin again(:
changed for something more simple again.

sigh, tomorrow having maths test, and i'm still using the computer.
gotta stop soon, exams're around the corner.
got this freaky feeling, that i will drop to NA.
you know this is gonna be the WORST thing i ever did in my whole life.
currently, haven't yet, but i really hope that i will pass .
at least pass, and not drop to NA.

haahs, 1/7 's full of smartasses.
all their grades are higher than mine.
i'm the last in class T_T
anyway, let's not talk about it.

sigh, i miss him so much.
too bad he's not in...

i wants to return to MALAYSIA.
i'm like that.
&& i'm freaking sensitive.
i can cry if someone who's really close to me says he/she hate me.
i won't slap his/her face, but just look down and walk away.
and i've been having sleepless nights..
dreaming about malaysia,
that i'll never return there again..
never to see my friends..
i miss LIN, KG, and loadies.
thinking of them makes me smile.
and i never thought of anything bad when i'm there.

well, that's about it..
just writing how i feel that's all,
that's the purpose of keeping a blog.
i need to revise for my maths test tmr.

PS: i miss u guys.

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