some shit day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

argh. another boring day.
today i was like.. dozing off during the MOE field testing MAths paper.
i mean, it's like so hard.. && the stupid haze caused me to have difficulty in breathing.
what the hell. i hate school lar.
haahs. because of the dumb haze! >:(
well.. i did badly for sciene..
same as usual.
i got 39.5 for english..
well, i know what you are thinking!
you're thinking that i've failed right?
oh NO.
it's 39.5/50 :DD
anyway, mama mm got 41/50!
congrats wor :D
she's the smartest in our group nor.
everything get so high marks :D
well, my geography got 61.
which is so freaking bad,
as everyone got 70& 80++
hell lar.
hais, i hate him .
i totally hate him.
hate him for walking out on me.
hate him for leaving me in depression.
hate him for making me crying like siao cha bor.
nvmms. won't talk much here.
........ byes :D

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