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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sigh, It has been a million years since i last posted the thing that describe me the best.
Yesterday, Marinah and Aqilah met me at the school gate, we were supposed to meet at 9.50, but i was like, late.
Well, we attended our boring ABRSM, and ended it at 11.30.
We met Steph at the bus stop there, but she was running, as 358 was heading our way.
Reached Tm and had our lunch at Long John Silver, I totally love the fries over here :D
And the paintings on the wall! It made me feels like I'm in the 80s- yay Long John Silver ;D
Yup, after that, we took neoprints in Pretty in Toyko.
Hahas, it was kinda fun though (:
After that, we went to Toy'R'Us!
We took a lot of pictures with all the stuff toys! Cute :D
Yepps, we went totally bonkers LA.
Then we were like late for our computer lesson, LOL.
Miss Latch gave us the evil eye and told us not to be late for the next time.
It was kinda boring and fun at the same time.
Keep yawning & laughing.
Well, here's a slideshow about yesterday..
Lazy to upload all the pics for u guys LA, lol.
Here's the link.
Note to all,
those who want me to relink/link you, please tell me in the tagboard.
yeah? thanks! :D you guys rocks <33

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