Friday, November 03, 2006

Another, bee-u-ti-fu day! :D
Not a really beautiful day though.
The PSI is 46 now.
Well, changed blogskin again! :D
Of cos, for the better one.
My previous blogskin was the " Tangled Up In A Mess", which is designed by me.
Now my blogskin, which you are viewing now, is also designed by me(:
The song you're listening to now is Let This Go by Paramore.
A emo song i must say, filled with feelings and emotions.
For now, I don't think i will submit any blogskins for anymore.
I think I'm tired of making blogskins for people, when they don't even appreciate it.
And worst, I've not even had any SOTD before ever in my whole entire life.
Oh well, have to face the facts. My blogskins are all like shit, and of cos, no one will like it , DUH.
Nevermind, I shall then talk about what happened the day before yesterday & yesterday.

As usual, my 'gang' and I went to whitesands after NYAA and had our lunch at New York Pizza.
The pizzas there look delicious, but doesn't really appeal to me much.
So mm & I went to ChangKee and bought ourselves some food.
I totally love the prawns! :D
It's so crispy and delicious!
If you ever had a chance to taste it, good for you then!
Yup, and after that, we went to More than Words.
Aqilah, mm & me bought this Disney Lollipop, that taste heavenly good,
while Zena & Steph bought this thing, that is sour but nice though.

After that, we went to Pasir ris town park and sat on one of the see-saw over there(:
Then, this little adorable toddler was trying to climb up the board to sit on the slide. She was angmo, but really very cute!
Steph and Aqilah took out their handphone and took pictures of her.
I have some of the pictures here, take a look :D

Here she is, sliding down (:

Holding a soccer ball :D


Isn't she cute?! (:
I'm obsessed over cute things, hahas.
All girls are like that, aren't they?

The day before yesterday, we went to Sciene Center & had a blast there.
I totally love the water thing over there, & even took a lot of pictures!
But some pictures are not with me, as i didn't took them.
Ok, too I uploaded a video of the water thing too :D

Lol, yup and after scienecenter, we went to downtown east and ate durian crepe.
Ya, durian crepe rocks.
Then mm bought us to her 6b's chalet. And her friends, Jaycelyn and YiJing brought us into the room. For the whole hour, Zena, Steph & me sat there, listening to mm and friends talking.
Then we started going to the toilet and tickled Zena.
We kept laughing non-stop & mm went to the toilet and knocked our door. Lol, sorta fun though.
Then at 5, we went home, yeah and I submitted the Tangled In a Mess skin.
It wasn't really very welcoming though. There was this annoyer who rated everyone 3 stars.
Just my luck to knock into her/him. Fucking dumb ass cb her/him lor.
If he/she' s a boy, I hope he has no sperms and his dick squashed .
If he/she's a girl, I hope she will give birth to a baby who looks like a monster .
And must be the most ugly person on earth!
Argh, I'm speaking too much vulgarities, think i better log in to MSN now.
Tata :D

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