Sweet thirteen (:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Didn't post anything yesterday, because i was really sleepy after spending one long day outside.
And anyway, i love my darlings who spend the day yesterday with me!! :D
And those who stayed up late just to wish me happy birthday!!((:
And those people who wrote me those sweet testis !!
And kailin who called me to wish me happy birthday(:
I love u guys!!

Hahas, anyway, yesterday was really damn fun la.
at first we went tm and watched flushed away((:
erm, it was ok.
I mean, i love the slugs. hahas-
after the movie, we were so hungry that we could eat anything.
oh well, maybe not anything.
yupps, we made a reservation at seoul garden and
we asked when will we get our table.
the auntie said" about 45mins to 1 h .. "
and she blew it.
i can't stand it anymore!
my stomach was growling and i was standing there, so helpless.
so in the end, we took a mrt to go bugis .
halfway through the ride,
the auntie called and said that there was table for us.
i was like "are u kidding? do we need to go back?"
thadsha nodded and i thought she was joking lor.
but in the end, we went back la.
lols, so we ate there.

here's some pictures i took when we were at seoul garden((:

Hahas, I took so many fries!! Yummy..

My soup.. lettuce soup. its so good.

Fight!!! The strongest will get the best food((:

Thadsha grabbing a chicken , lols.

Marinah drinking her ... DRINK! :D

And let me welcome Claire the Heroine.

Using her super powers, she managed to overcome the hot oil :D

"Oh no , be careful! " Gina cried, worried for the heroine(:

And at last, with a satisfied smile, Claire said "I saved the day! :D "

Okay, back to MY story, this is my plate of chicken skin. hahas.

Yeah, we've completed eating, but there's still prawns to go.

Oh god, this is superb. Best prawns ever.

Still looking at my chicken skin.. Sigh~~

Aiks, stupid prawns made my hands so oily. Guess i have to use this nice-smelling tissue((:

Look at what we did to the..... what do you call that? oh well, black thing.

Our very own design(: Yays-

Stephanie and me(: she was eating her prawns , hahas :D

Stephanie, me & Marinah ((: Yay- US!

Me & Marinah. Love her! :D

After the 'TOO'-full lunch, we went to the toilet.
We took pictures there! :D

Group picture ((:

Me and Thadsha! :D

Then we went arcade to play the three-puckers thing again.
Gina & I took a picture over there(:

^^ Me and Gina.

When we went back home,
I took pictures of my present((:
I love Marinah&Stephanie's Bottle that's full of stars,
Not forgetting Gina's necklace and Thadsha's 10 bucks ;P

And today, I painted my nails! ( AGAIN )

Ta-DAA! :D

Love my darlings!!
& those people who wished me happy birthday!!

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