Thursday, November 16, 2006

I believe , we all have one true love, somewhere in this world.
-"When I found you" by Britney Spears

I love the song i'm listening to right now(:
When I found you by Britney Spears.
I know it's an old song, but it's really calming & meaningful.
So people out there, go & listen to it! :D

I'm just back from Nyaa,
and now's like, 1.20pm?
Hahas, Nyaa was unusually fun today(:
Aqilah kept on making sounds like 'Hee-Haw, Hee-haw.'
Lols, then Mm laugh until she knock onto Aqilah.
And i guess they almost fell down.
Then I keep accidentally hitting the shuttlecock onto Mm's head.
And she was so pissed and got her revenge by hitting the shuttlecock on my head!
Argh, pain LA! lols.
After that, we keep talking about lame stuffs.
As time passed by, we became more blur & crazy.
And by the time, we were all laughing and making weird sounds while hitting the 'cocks'.

After NYAA ended,
Stephanie , Aqilah & her sister decided to go out
& Mm was going out with her cousins.
So that leave me out with Gina.
Then we went central & she bought vegetables.
I asked her why did she buy it for, then she said for her spagetti.
Hahas, oh well, we wanted to grab a drink before going home,
so we went to the bubble tea shop that we usually go,
but it was really crowded.
So we went to the other shop.
Wa lao, their service were like so bad. <_<
Firstly, they were TOO slow.
Secondly, their chocolate ice blended SUCKS.
No offence, but it's true.
The one and only good thing about is that the pearls were nice(;

Oh well, since we had so much time left,
i suggested going back to school so i could purchase my exercise books.
Then we went to the bus stop and sat there, drinking our bubble tea, waiting for the bus.
These two chinese guys, came to us and asked us to donate money to this little girl for her to have enough money to operate on her eyes.
Then he said we could each donate $5 .
I was like, WTF?
$5? I don't even have a $2 with me.
Hahas, then we boarded the bus and went back to school.
Ya, I think i was feeling depressed, so i started talking about Malaysia & everything.
GAWDDD, i MISS malaysia .
it has been a century since I saw my cousins & friends.
It's time for us to reunite and build up our POWER!
AHH im going crazy liaos ><

Anyway, back to where i was talking,
Gina and I went to the bookshop and I bought my stuffs.
And then, I turned to the mirror there,
& I saw Wi-Square!!!!
OMG, i haven't see him for such a long time.
Argh, when i saw him, my heart was pumping so fast that it couldn't stop.
But i know he will be sec 4 next year,
so i wish him the best for his O levels(:
& next year, I won't like him anymore.
I'll try my best to let go of him, but I don't want to.
But it's a benefit for both of us though.
Hahas, I say until like we stead liddat.
We have not even talk before,
not even in Msn, cos i don't know his MSN email address.
My friends bet me to say hi to him on Speech's Day.
So i said hi to him only.
A simple hi, and nothing at all.
I don't want him to graduate ;_;
Oh, choy choy,
if he don't graduate, he'll be destroying his own future.
I should think before I speak, sigh.
Oh well, all the best to him..
I'm sure he'll find a girlfriend after he graduate..
well, hopefully he will.

After buying the books,
Gina & I walked home and said bye to each other later.
Sigh, I shall end here now.
Before I'll sigh and sigh non-stop again.

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