Saturday, December 30, 2006

changed a blogskin again.
+ a section , " Link Me Up~ "
If you want to link me with a picture,
please copy the codes and paste it into your template :)

Oh.. this is the third day since i'm back in singapore.
I miss my t so much <33
the past few days we keep sms-ing each other non-stop.
and i can't help it all right!
I know my handphone bills are going to be high again.

Hahas, he never sms me anymore.
And i can guess why.
Because his handphone no money le.
Its all because of me..
All my fault .. T_T
Haiz, so sad.
I miss him loads........
It's hard to keep a long distance relationship in one piece.
But with our happy memories, maybe we can be together forever.

The day before yesterday, he started planning our future!
Lol. Aren't he sweet? :)
He said that what if he have no money to support me?
And what if my parents and his parents object to our relationship?
All i could do is to tell him not to worry that much.
Oh well, inside i'm actually worried..
Haiz, thinking of these problems make me sad.
Alright, I won't make myself miserable.
I'll just update some pictures that i took in malaysia.
It won't be that much..

Hahas, i know what ure thinking.. u think i smoke yeah? oh well... maybe i do.

I took tis, looks like a pro who took that yeah? xD

I'm against gays :D


smile for him only :)

my darling siang siang!

My good friend , Danny :D

Ate at KFC during christmas eve. but after that we went kbox and celebrated christmas by spraying snow at everyone.

oh well, i still wish to go back malaysia..
:)) i love those happy memories..

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