Skittles Club & Reunion dinner

Friday, December 28, 2007

Want to get famous?

Want to hold an important position somewhere out there?

Obsessions over Skittles? (some chocolate that taste heavenly)

If so,


It's a very cool club and the homepage is very very adorable :)

Besides, there're a lot of benefits you will gain if you join:

  • Make new friends
  • Get a lot of people to view you (Because they link your friendster so people can see lol)
  • More people will add you in msn (Because they link your email too..? lol)
  • Enjoy Skittles wholeheartedly
  • Friendly people (like me)
  • Adding Skittles as your friend in friendster and you will have an additional friend
  • Chatting in Skittles's tagboard :)

Currently, I'm holding the position as a VIP and also, in the hall of fame!

And my friendster link is there too, so must call more people join the Skittles Guild okay!

But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy skittles :D

So what are you waiting for now?

Don't tell me your brain is lagging.

Do not hesitate to join the Skittles guild!


just click the link above

By the way, I am skittlesKITTYx!
The name so sexy right??



Yesterday, one of my primary school friends came back from Malaysia so we had this reunion dinner at Central.

It was drizzling and for a min, I thought it was bird shit.

Anyway, I don't know why the auntie gave us such a small table that we could not put our drinks on the table, lol.

Let alone putting our plates on the table.

I used to play with them after school during my primary school days

Who want eat mantou? Too bad not for you~

I'm very happy cos i'm the tallest here!! muhahahaha

everything changed so much :)

Fitness corner but everyone was moving so fast so couldn't capture their face :(

Oh, and forget about T20.

The salesman told me that the stock will not come out anymore.. :(

So I got a Samsung L83T instead.
It's 8.2 megapixel and T20 was 8.1 megapixel.

Lol, but got difference meh?

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the camera lah.
It's sleek, sexy and the pictures of the reunion dinner were all taken by my camera.

Here's a picture of it.

So the day before yesterday, Thadsha breast went my house and finally, we did our homework!
(This time we really do our homework but didn't complete our homework though)

She bought Famous Amos and it was so delicious okay!! :)

Before leaving, she decided to put on some makeup..

I told her she looked like a chicken plucking its own feather in the second photo!

She was sooooo happy.

And here's downtown east, telling us that it will be completed by the end of 2006, but until 2007 also haven't completed yet. Sigh :(

And that's me camwhoring with my clothes and bags all over. Hahahaas =)


Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bet all of you are out there, having fun now...................

While I'm still at home.......

And my T20, argh.
It's out of stock so I can't get it in the meantime, so I decided to take it with my handphone camera la.

But firstly, I'm going to update about yesterday's events first.
(Christmas eve, right?)

Thadsha and I were supposed to do homework yesterday but it turns out more to be like...... shopping?

Met her at Dhoby Ghaut Mrt station yesterday and we went to Plaza Singapura to meet her sister and her cousin. They were shopping for their bf's prezzies and it was so hilarious watching them quarreling over those shirts.

After a while, we went to Tampines to get something.

Oh, I mean Thadsha went to get something........ for us!

She bought the bags that I whined to her about when we went out 2 days ago.
Lol, so coooooool right? She's the best!

Thanks darl!!

And here's the bag!

It's kinda like a sports bag, so thats why I find it so attractive!

Then we went loyang point and did our homework.. (I guess)

She did her physics while I did my chemistry.

Looks hardworking yeah?
But actually she's doing something else.......

And I tried on her shades..

Thadsha edited this while I edited my.... nose. (lol)

Looks like a emo guy yeah? He's my boyfriend(but he's wearing my watch and my bangle)

So shuai right?
Want 'his' number?

Aww, too bad he's mine!

Then, thadsha bought her coffee while I bought my apple dippers with caramel.

After a while, we left McCafe because it was getting kinda bored.

So we went back to downtown east and we parted there while I went to downtown east and answer to nature call.

And before I knew, I was late for the Christmas party!!

So I took a bus there and reached Auntie Pamela's house and played cards and children games.

The funniest game was the Truth or Dare.
But because there were a lot of underaged children in the game, we decided to make it a "No Physical Contact Truth or Dare".

So most of the dares were quacking or making funny noises around the house and embarassing themselves in front of the visitors.

But anyway, I had fun yesterday!

Merry Christmas to everyone I met yesterday!

And I've got $200 Frasers Centrepoint Malls voucher!

AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can go on a shopping spree without paying anymore!

Heels, mascaras, eyelights, bags, accessories and tops here I COME!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here are the things I bought from Malaysia!

Purple fake eyelashes @ only RM2!

I made all this okay!! =)

Bangles, hair accessories

My all-time favourite face powder @ only RM4.90!

Kate eyeliners and Lip Ice lip balms..

Aunt gave this crown belt to me =)

Cinderella shoes!

Manicure set for french nails =)

And there's this heart-shaped radio cushion which is soft and cuddly.
No more hard and black and ugly radios!

My very own heart-shaped radio cushion!

And bought some fashion magazines and books..

Well, I guess I'm pretty tired now..

Before I end this post, let me show you whats a not-so-expensive but yet gorgeous FRIENDSHIP NECKLACE!


Have a great Christmas ahead!


Jamie Lyn Spears is pregnant!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The 16 years old teenager recently announced that she was pregnant.

Yes, she is the younger sister of Britney Spears who is one of Hollywood's worst celebrities.

The reasons are really obvious.

What could possibly happen when your mother allows you to move in with your boyfriend who is of legal age to have sex?

Raging hormones...

I was browsing through MSN's homepage when I came through this big debate about Jamie Lyn Spears and Lindsay Lohan's younger sister.

Many people thought that Jamie Lyn Spears would be the better one compared to Lindsay's sister.

But I guess........... the other one would be a better choice.

I wonder how Mummy Spears raise these sisters up.
Losing custody of children, hitting children with hard objects, getting caught naked in hot tubs with other guys, getting pregnant.......


And what's next?
Jamie Spears not wearing panties?


This is a promise to all of you

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I promise that I'll update ASAP once I get my T20!
Because I need a nice camera to take photos of things that I had bought from Malaysia!!

Maybe I'll blog about the fucking coach I was taking to Singapore now.

It broke down in the middle of the highway and we had to wait for the other coaches to come.

So we waited for an hour and boarded this ugly bus.
It was so crammed and everyone looked like irritated retards.

And there was this malay guy who kept staring at my bag so throughout the whole journey, I did not even sleep but holding my bag all the while!!

And the seat was dusty!!
(I'm allergic to very very very very dusty things)

So in the end, I got a really red spot on my thigh in return.

But anyway when I entered Singapore, I had a really weird feeling.
And after several seconds I started to miss Malaysia again!

My friends and my relatives over there.. :(

The good thing of this trip is that I bought a lot of things!!!!!!!!!

And the bad thing is.........


But thadsha and I will be meeting up to do our homework so I'm not that worried anymore.

So wait for my Malaysia blog post ok!

It will be longer than your science textbook and shorter than Shakespeare's stories!

Right now, I'm sorting out my stuffs.......................
I've got new accessories!! :p



Hello, I'm CRAZY!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am so fucking tired now!

Sleeping at 6am in the morning and waking up at 1pm is totally crazy.

And after that, I cycled around the neighbourhood and hit some stray dog which is kinda cute.

And just now, I helped my grandma to cut some leaves when I FOUND A FUCKING HAIRY WORM ON THE LEAF!!

Still moving one and it was fucking big!!

Forgot to shave its pubic hair la.

So now I'm so sleepy updating my blog..


Do you guys have eyes??

Can you fucking compare the difference between her blogskin and mine?

It's fucking different!!

Just because I'm using pink georgia pink background means I'm copying hers. You guys are stupid pigs okay. FUCKING OPEN UR EYES AND SEE.

Because I ain't copying anyone's blogskin.

For example, you're walking along the streets and someone suddenly points out to you, "Hey, you're wearing a fucking pink shirt! That's fucking same as mine!"

How would you feel?

Come on, I'm a blogskinner and I respect people's works.

Even if I do take something, I will credit them too!

Have I not credit someone when I use their stuffs?

My site is now under maintenance because my hosting site can't support my previous blogskin.
SO this pink background I'm having now is from my previous blogskin you dumbass.


I'm not fucking repeating myself anymore okay.

BYE if you don't get it.
See you again if you know what I'm talking 'bout.


And I'm so sick of.......... everything.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm so sick of Malaysia, I'm so sick of the life over here and I'm so sick of everything that's happening.

For fucking sake, I just hate it here alright.

Girls here are such sluts and retarded and so... PLASTIC.

Ya, plastic is a word that I learned from the movie Mean Girls if you've watched it.

And guys here are just so crazy over them.

And there was this girl who was the same age as me, she was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flirty.

So we were playing cards.

And she happened to be winning money but she kept on saying that she was having bad luck at the position she was sitting.

Yah, she changed where she sat for a freaking 4 times and finally, she sat beside my cousin's friends who are... teenage guys.

But her luck got worst.

As I expected, she did not even change her seat to 'change her luck' but she flirted with the two teenage guys who looked older than her, a whole LOT.

Yes, they are quite cute but she kept on slapping the guy's hand and for GOD'S SAKE, the guy LIKED IT!

It's so fucking retarded.

Then after a few moment, we were sitting at the couch so I decided to ask her whether she liked him.

"Eh you like him right? So obvious lor."
"What?? I will never do that lor.. I got better taste."

Hahas, all girls say that, don't they?

"Oh.. but why you kept changing your seat?"
"....... Change luck mah."

She lost more than RM20 and that's GOOD LUCK??

And after a few days, the guy IM-ed me.

"I think I like her."


So disgusting okay.

I almost vomitted what I ate a year ago!!

She is so fucking ugly and so fucking rude and impolite.
I didn't have the heart to tell him all that of course.

How pathetic.

Anyway last night, I went to the fun fair next to the shopping mall Jusco and I swear it was.....

So retarded.

The ferris wheel was made of chains and it was moving the speed of the wind and I almost peed okay!!

And next, I went to the ugly and retarded looking rusting horses and it was going to break anytime.

I knocked my knee against it and I had a fucking big bruise.

So pathetic isn't it?
It just reminded me of some funfair from the 80s'.

There was this throwing darts thinggy and it cheated my precious baby RM6!


And the haunted house was only30 seconds and it cost Rm2 per person!

See how pathetic it is?

And worst still, it looked so old and was going to break anytime and THERE WAS NO TOILET THERE.

Walao wei.

I bet it's those fucking perverts jikopeks who made that funfair so that they can see everyone pee-ing at the corner.

But I won something.

And guess what it was?

A disgusting looking cheapskate toy gun that you could get from the rubbish dump.

And of course, my brother and my younger cousin liked that stuff and hugged it to sleep yesterday.

After that I went to the cybercafe and played counterstrike with my brother and my cousin.


I was walking to the entrance and I use my bag and fucking hit his seat and he jumped up.

Serve him right.
Guys are such fuckers here.

And now, he is just sitting a few seats away from me.

Guess what I'll do later.....?

Hmm.. :)

Anyway, he smells like a fucking dog now.



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Currently, I didn't log into my Fileden account for a few months and it deleted my whole files!


Why the hell did they even delete that for?



So....... anyway I'm in Malaysia now..
And I'm kinda really confused.

Yeah, been dreaming about Singapore these past few days so yeah..

Finally get to blog but I'm not able to post photos as you know, cybercafe doesn't allow you to bluetooth your stuffs into their computer.

My uncle and his wife(now my aunt)'s wedding was a BLAST!

I swear it was so damn fun!

We bbq-ed marshmallows, chicken wings and many more.

There was this little boy who bbq-ed his honey-ed chicken wing and gave it to me!

So sweeeeeeeeeet =)

And as usual, there're are so many ugly looking piece of shit ah bengish disgusting cocks flying around..

If only I could upload some videos and photos now!!

Blah blah blah..

Anyone miss me?

I know you guys do..
Haha! :)

Anyway, I guess I'll go and play counter strike with my cousins now.


And miss me :)


I'm leaving for a bad cause but together with a good news.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Which first?

The good one or the bad one?


Okay, the bad first.

I'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow in the morning :(
Maybe this is a good news to people who hate me. Haha!

Mum's nagging at me to pack my luggage but I'm trying to drag it as slow as possible because I don't want to go back to Malaysia! :(

"Your t-shirt and jackets bring already?? Eh bring your panties okay!!"

(I don't put =.= because someone told me only boys are allowed to use that which was lame of cos.)

The weather will be so fucking hot in Malaysia!
I finally know why Jiawen gave me the kukubird fan! THANKYOU!!

As usual, mum's getting so excited....

Wait a minute.
It's not excited.


Malaysia is so DISGUSTING.

Almost 60% of the population there travel by motorbikes, which is sooooooooooooooooo..


No wonder my cousin got so many pimples.

Alright, enough with all the rantings.

The good news is.........

My appeal is successful!

To 3/5!

I'm also replacing Art with POA(Principle of Accounts) which is less stressful because I do not need to prepare my artwork for the O levels.

Haha, I can shop for prom dresses with Thadsha and Jiawen already!


Well, I guess I better get going.
Mum's nagging now.

Maybe I was wrong all along.


Birthday outing!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Today was a BLAST BABY!

I love all my friends soooooooooooo much!

And many more..

They rock my life okay!

Today they celebrated my birthday with me and I was late (again) by 30 minutes..?

BUT, Thadsha and JiaLe were later!!

So I went to meet Jiawen who was screaming her head off on the phone..
(No wonder I'm becoming deaf nowadays.)

JiaLe and Jiawen gave me my prezzies while Thadsha went to pick the rest up.

Went to queue up for tickets while waiting for Thadsha, Claire and Gina to come.

They came, they conquer and Gina gave me my bday prezzie! :)

I'll use it wherever I go with this cool handphone pouch from Gina! :)

Jiale and her darling gave me this $50 CUTE HELLOKITTY CUSHION! =)

And this cute fan from Jiawen, I'll bring it wherever I go too!

Anyway, we entered at only $7 per person!

The best ride of all, Pirate ship was under maintenance and we couldn't play it!!

Argh, that was the best ride I was looking forward to.....

Anyway, the first ride we went to was........ THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE!
Super fun!!!!!

The next stop we went to was............... Wet and Wild?

I have a phobia of that ride.
(Long story, starting from primary 5..?)

And everyone was calling me to come along!!

"Don't want........ :( "

So I told them, "If my heart suddenly stop, then you all must give me $100,000 okay?"

"Okay lah okay lah!"

"Good!! Reserve a place for me now I'm climbing in!"

It's so fucking SCARY and my heart almost came out!!

The queue was so long and the sun was shining so brightly and I was becoming the next African Top Model..

Wah seh, this girl was fucking brave and she requested to sit alone!! (Kids are crazy nowadays..)

I asked quite a number of people whether they were scared.

After searching for so long for a suitable candidate, I decided to ask a toddler who was queuing up.

"Hello boy.. Come here come here!! I ask you one question ah.. Are u scared of this ugly looking ride??"
"............." -walks away-

So rude I tell you!!

When I was young and a stranger talk to me, I would always answer because I want to make more friends okay!

That boy is SO anti social!

Anyway back to the Wet and Wild, the seat was soooo wet!

My butt was all wet after that.

And after our first ride, I was kinda.. crying to Jiawen that I want to come out.
Argh.. and not to mention.. WET!!

I tasted some sourish water in my mouth later.

Haha, bet the water went into my mouth.

And there was this two retarded girls splitting a $2 poncho..

"Walao become half already how to wear??"

How can u share a poncho for goodness sake??!!

The worst thing is...
They tore it into half and tied around their waist.

Like some ballerina or something.

Lol. Gina and I were laughing at them so hard!

All WET!

If you notice something, I'm the shortest here!!!!!! :(

Next stop, the flippers!

Why is it called the flippers.....?

It flips and spins around!!

Thadsha and I are fated to be in this ride..


Walked past the....... darts area or something?

Looked pretty attractive but it was expensive laa.

Thadsha said that I looked like one of the prizes(Winnie the Pooh)! I was so happy!! :)

Next, we went to Inverter to try it out as we saw many people screaming their heads off while playing that.

No harm giving it a try right..?

Everyone was pretty nervous, but soon after the ride, we were like....


If you don't know how it's like...

We were in mid air..

It was going at quite a high speed, but we didn't really care cos we were hoping that we wouldn't drop down!!

And some people were spitting saliva everywhere!!
I don't know it was on purpose or what.. But it is SO DISGUSTING!

Imagine you are screaming and a big globule of unknown saliva going into your mouth?!

Walao wei that bunch of ah bengs anyhow spit their smelly saliva I tell you!

Next, we went to eat at Burger King and Thadsha was getting a little bit...

"Where is my Burger King man......................."

So I did some Voodoo magic.......

MajiKodu Onahrela Nehnalopuu PulaUBIN!!

And there you have it!! ;)


We went to the haunted house after that.
It was quite funny la!!

There was only 1 pathetic ghost standing at the side in the whole house!!

After we made our exit, we got bored and decided to scare the next victims who were coming out.

Lol, and I put down my hair like a potianak and Jiawen was doing some retarded pose and Thadsha was laughing to herself and Claire was deciding what to do and Jiale was looking at us and Gina was guarding the door!

In the end, we decided to push the door so the next victims will not be able to come out.

Haha, the girl was screaming so in the end, we felt kinda "sorry" for them and let them out.

They looked at us like some maniacs and we just laughed at their reactions!

I saw the water bumper boat water spray and my hands got quite itchy and I sprayed at one retarded looking guy cos I didn't like his face.

We went to play the Flippers again and Thadsha 'lost' her ring!

The staffs there were so nice to help her find but in the end, it was on the floor all the time!

But it got kinda.. scratched or something? =(

It was 6.45, so we went to the foodcourt to eat.

Thadsha and Jiale wanted to 'go to the toilet', so Jiawen and I got bored so she started camwhoring with me! HAHAHA!

I know I look like a fucking pig here, so just shut the fuck up!!!!!

And when Thadsha and JiaLe came back..........


Haha, they were back with a cake.

Yes, a chocolate cake and it was so delicious!!!! =)

They were singing too loudly and everybody was staring at us!!

And worst, I got too excited and blew the candles without making a wish!

But nevertheless, I still made a few wishes before cutting it..
So I guess it's alright? (The wishes are sort of lame..... But I want them to happen! :D)

I love them all..


Hehe, and yes, I enjoyed myself today.. =)

I really hate going back to Malaysia but I think this will be the last year I'll be going back to visit my relatives. So bear with it!

Camwhored with Jiale in the toilet ;)

I look so ugly nowadays..

And yes, the Paya Lebar photos..

The funny thing is that the photos that we take for each other will always turn out good!

Thadsha's ticket to her Disney Magic Show.. =)


Night Life....? ;)

The lights at night are just so.... magical!

Fine, I look really ugly in these photos but I like it okay?

And here's the perfume, lipgloss, nail polish and the Billabong pencil case!

I have to say this again,


You guys really made my day(:

Love you guys LOTS AND LOTS!

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