A hole to bury in.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm so sad :/
Because I just digged my own grave!
Sigh, I really miss yerrt so much..
I love yooooooo :)

Lets break into.. our own house?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

GLADYS is bored !
Because daddy's talking to the air again!
On his phone.
Whenever he talk on the phone,
he must raise up his hands and look at a corner as if somebody's there.
And one thing, he must shout over the phone .
Poor fellow.

Hahas, guess what?
Today I just got a pair of shoes.
Kinda gorgeous I though :/

And guess what?
I forgot to bring my house keys when i went out!
That's why my brother and I had to spend 2 hours waiting for our parents to be back to save us.
But after 30 minutes we got fed up.
We went to the playground near my school and had fun at the fitness corner.

And after that we got quite tired and went to the mini-mart and get ourselves something.
Treated myself to a cute and nice-sucking lollipop.

The pleasure of sucking.

Ok, i shouldn't really say nice-sucking.
It's so.. M18!
Hahas, I should use something like..
Delicious, Big, Candylicious..
Or whatever, Lol.

The steps to eat a cute and nice-sucking lollipop.

Firstly tear off the wrapper or whatever and take a picture of it before eating its delicious and nice sucking body.

Then take another picture of it when it gets too HOT.

And lastly, a dot.


I'm crazy to call myself bloody bitch =x
it's not convenient to say anything here.

Anyway, after that we went home and waited for our parents to be back.
But they didn't came home..
So in the end my brother and I resorted to pulling the door and breaking in.
And guess what?
We did it!
Thanks to my brother's genius idea.

Then I ransack my house for my precious crown earrings and mickey mouse ring.
And finally found them!
But then i put all my accessories and makeup stuffs into a cute and nice basket.

Actually there are still more below, that is covered by the nail polish and all.

Don't steal them after I've showed u! :D
Lol, I'm talking crap.

Gotta end here , i wanna paint my wall now.
Remember I've mentioned about painting a heart on the previous post ?
Yeah yeah, that's it.
Bye all. And smile.
And wo ai wo de aiai :]

Dead bird's funeral

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm so not active in blogging.
oh well, i think i'm going to have diabetes!
i don't know.
anything can happen luhhs.
even birds can get drowned in a pond.
for example today.:

I was hanging out with thadsha and zena luh.
Then after that there was a commotion at the pond.
the most disgusting thing i've ever seen.

Can you see the fishes are eating the bird?
Yucks, i almost vomited for a second.
Lol, then we started planning the bird's funeral.
I laughed hard at the part when Zena say that the bird pose when taking its funeral picture.

Zzzz, I've been eating sweets in class everyday.
Thanks to Yan Mae who got everyone addicted to the sweet!

And got scolding by mr loh again for not turning up for pa duty after common test.
but managed to took some pictures of the hall :)

My art work.
But the drawing's very uninspirational :/

And I've planned to paint a heart at the corner of my room..
with my acrylic paint.
what do you guys think? :D

And while walking home,
i saw this.
It looks nice righhtttt?
Hehes :D

Perhaps the most unlucky day of my entire 13 years of life

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today's the unluckiest day of my entire life.

Firstly, I was late for school.
Fine, it's not just only me.
More than 50 students were late for school and we were made to stand outside the school gate.
I hate PRCS for today :(
And i got fucking detention luhh.
bloody mutha f-kerr.

my #%&$ english teacher showed that f-king video of the sciencecenter thing.
she f-king made me no mood.
she's f-king KPO.
she should mind her f-king business than poke her f-king nose into other people's business.
i hate her f-king face.
i hate her f-king everything!

but luckily he was there to cheer me up..

Most random.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

CUte right? :D

I want this gorgeous dress! :D

hehs. :D

A cow underneath

Monday, February 05, 2007

Guess what?
My father just told me I sound like a cow! >:\


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Im bored and tired :/

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