Happy day

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Got to eat shark fin today! :D
I'm so happy naa!
And tomorrow going out and shop!
Yay me.

I've just changed my layout.
Erm, it sort of look weird :/
Just made a blogskin for blogskins.com
help to download and faved it! :)
Preview it here

today my chinese teacher was talking about chinese blogging,
and asked who was interested in it.
There was a competition,
and you would need to blog about stuffs like school and etc.
Well, you can win up to $400 if you're doing the blog alone.
But if you're working with a team of 3, you can win up to $200.
Besides, you would need to split up the money among yourselves.
I'm not sure whether I am interested in it.
Because my chinese's not very good.
I failed in almost every test?

Argh >.<
Sigh, I keep having this feeling that I'll fail my lit test!
I pray that I won't.. :)
Uhh, tomorrow gotta go shopshop :)

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