What's that sound coming from the 5th floor?

Friday, March 30, 2007

Today I didn't attend school,
as I wasn't feeling that well.
So I stayed at home,
resting peacefully.
But there's one thing I've got to complain about.

I'm living in the 4th floor.
So as you see,
there's this bang bang sound coming from the 5th floor.
Not only it affects me,
it affects the whole neighbourhood as well.

When it start to bang again,
I will get fed up.
When I get fed up,
I will scream and shout.
When I scream and shout,
I will stomp my feet.
will affect the people living in the 3rd floor.

And when I scream and shout,
it will be hard for people to concentrate on their work.
And when they can't concentrate,
they will submit a lousy proposal to their boss.
And when they do,
their boss will sack them.
And when their boss sack them,
they might turn depressed.
And when they turn depressed,
they might resort to suicide.
Who have we got to blame?
The people living in the 5th floor! D:

Oh wait.
I thought nobody lived in the 5th floor anymore?

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