Bang Boom Bang?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Bang bang! Boom! Bang Bang! "

The sudden sound prevented me from my sweet dreams this morning.
each time the 'bang!' goes on,
my heart would be thumping real hard.

I was wondering what could it be?

Some lunatics throwing their washing machines down the floor?
Or some crime scene that involves gun-shooting and stuffs?

But nevertheless,
I just went to sleep after the 15 minutes of 'Bang Boom' thing.

When I woke up,
I asked my mum if she knew about it.

I only learnt that the government hired these people to shoot down those crazy crows,
which fly around, pecking people's head.

Yeah, my brother had that experience too.

During that time,
he was walking home with his friend,
and holding a loaf of bread.

And there was this shiny (I guess) crow flying over their heads,
and pecking my brother's friend shoulder.

It's so disgusting.

I can't believe myself,
getting pecked by a stupid crow.

I hope the people would not be back and shoot the crows again.

I need my BEAUTY SLEEP! D:

Yesterday went Changi Village during midnight,
and that is why I'm so dead tired now.

But I got to see quite a sum of interesting things yesterday.

When I was taking the escalator at the MRT station during that afternoon,
there was this malay couple fighting.

They were okay at first,
but suddenly, they stared at each other silently.
And out of nowhere,
the girl suddenly pulled the guy's t-shirt and the guy quickly grabbed her wrist.
Without saying anything! How scary is that?

Then the guy took the girl's spectacles and purposely broke it into half.

When we reached the ground floor,
the girl ran and keep pulling onto the guy's t-shirt,
with an unknown fury in her eyes.

Poor girl.
The guy tried pulling her away and he almost tried to broke her wrist!
I'm against guys who abuse their girlfriend! D:

But in the end,
the girl couldn't hold it anymore and cried when the guy left her.
And she ran after him and pulled his t-shirt,
with the same fury back into her eyes again.

They were pushing each other down,
and BLOCKING my way to tap my ezlink card.

I faked ignorance and rolled my eyes at them.


I mumbled really loudly.

But thank goodness,
they couldn't hear what I said.

This kind of couples are really scary,
because they start fighting without saying anything at all.

But it's better than shouting and screaming and pulling of hair and stuffs.

Last night,
I went to Changi Village, which is famous for..

known as male transvestite in proper english :)

Well, as usual,
they wore really low cut tights and really really damn short mini skirt.

Whenever a guy walk past them,
they would show their legs to the guy.

But of course,
the guys over there wouldn't fall for them.

And you wanna know why?


Let me repeat myself,
yes they are MALES.

They are not any sexy girls or prostitutes or something.

And how does a guy, fuck with another guy?

Lol, that is so ridiculous! D:
some desperate guys would.

I saw this old man,
dropping one of the ah guas back home.

And the ah gua's revealing clothes were sort of,
torn or something.

Must be the work of that old man!
I hate rich old men! D:

Even if they want to play around,
why must they sleep with a guy?

Unless that old man's a GAY!
Aha, this seems to be the most convincing answer to this question.

But some ahguas in this world,
are really pretty.
I bet no guys would resist them.
Take a look below.

WARNING: they are males, not females :)
For example:

All of them are pretty, aren't they?

But the best has yet to come,
scroll down to see the prettiest ah gua!
bound to make your nose bleed la!


Enjoy :)

Ps. I want a pair of rollerblades.

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