Be good to me, you fuckers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thank you daddy,
for cursing me to death.
But I wish you will live longer.

I don't mind dying first,
since I fucking don't have a fucking place in that fucking family.

Fucked up family,
I hate all of you but still love you guys somehow.
Whatever I do won't make you guys happy.

Daddy thinks I'm a loser.
Mummy thinks I'm a bad example.
Little Brother thinks I'm a gangster.
You guys are always calling me to understand your hardwork,
but have you ever try to understand me before?
I try so hard to be back home early just to spend more time with you all,
but guess what?

All of you are always ganging up and accusing me of spending my time outside loitering.
I loiter when there's a need to.
There's no reason for me to avoid my own home.
Unless I quarrel with you guys.

I hate my family.
I hate my relatives. ( paternal side)

Because they think they are so rich.
Because they are so stuck up.
Because they call me to respect them when they don't even respect me.

Fucked up.

Just go away, I don't wish to see them anymore.
Which I'm serious.
The most is get red packets and say " Oh happy new year."

So it doesn't really matter if I have relatives.
Is there any difference anyway?

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