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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was late for school again.
Lol, yeah as usual.
And had to do critical writing, sucks.
We had to write about the causes of littering and stuffs.
And yeah, I wrote quite a long one which involves exclamation marks and question marks,
which of course isn't allowed in writing.

I mean, who cares?

And why does teenagers resort to venting their anger out on online diaries?
Thanks to their parents, who doesn't respect their child's privacy and read their pen-me-down diaries which leads to anger and thus, having an online diary.

And also, leaving them alone at their most vulnerable moments, alone with the internet. The vulnerable child that the family used to protect and care for.

Lol, I'm copying everything from my english text xD

Anyway, I just have to blog about yesterday!
It was the .. uh, 1st I've skipped class in my whole entire 13 life!
Lol, after break which was english =.= ,
Aqilah, Steph and I sat outside classroom, lazy to walk inside our class,
hoping that Ms. Flat* wouldn't notice us.
But of course, that blur woman wouldn't notice us.

Would she?

Haha, after that we decided not to attend class anymore.
So we sat outside the classroom, dreaming for 15 minutes and started camwhoring! :D

*Name changed to protect identity

I look horribly disgusting. I thank whoever who created photoshop.

Sigh, I just have a habit of opening my legs big big when I'm sitting down.
Tsk, tsk :(

After that, we heard somebody calling our names, we were so afraid that we hid at the back door! Argh! ;_;

But in the end, we ran to the toilet and hid til class was over.

Lol, the results of staying in the toilet were never good, because we would start camwhoring again. Can anyone control us? :_;

I was dancing the time away and steph took out her handphone and "snap!"
How can she take it when I'm at my most "vulnerable" moments? ;_;

See, she's torturing us. Sobsob ;_;

Lol, it was grabbed without aqilah noticing it!
She screamed afterwards.

Lol, oh so random. x)

After the bell rang, we rushed back to class.

We were so damn afraid that we would get suspension, (if we can caught)
so we decided to sneak in by the back door! But luckily, she didn't see us and we went in one by one.

And the funny thing is that, she didn't even know that we were back at our place!
Some flat blur sotong, argh!

After english was D and T, which is our all-time favourite lesson.
Because we can always use our handphone and slack in class!
Mrs Evon don't even care anyway.
Heehees :)

I feel so ugly sitting beside pretty aqilah :(

My face look really horrible in this photo. Photoshopped again!

Not surprisingly if I told you I've killed someone before.
You know my temper.

She's so fierce.
Me: Don't kill me can?
Jiawen: NO! -muhahahahahahahaha-

Lol, cute aqilah and me! :D

Lol, I wouldn't dare to pinch her butt. Its just too... gross.

Woots, Nawfal doing what to Zena ah??

You know, saws are just so pretty that as you cut through one's skin,
the blood drips out slowly and elegantly..

But I had to leave early, due to the fucking PA I had to report to.
Damn, by then I'll miss every D and T lesson and learn NOTHING at all.
I haven't even do my moving toy! Hope I don't get a miserable 0 for my D and T.

But after assembly,
I skipped CCA and went home to see my new aircon.

Was really surprised to see it, because it was the exact one that I wanted which I saw at Giant.
It's so white and stylish, and.. PRETTY! :D

Yups, it's pretty I know!

While the workers were installing the wires and everything,
I explored around my room, seeing what they've destroyed.

Okay, whats up with this?
Is this a camera or something?
To take pictures of me changing my clothes?
Notice the big hole they've banged onto my precious baby wall! ;_;

While waiting for them to install everything into one piece,
I went to the kitchen and was surprised to find a new fridge!
With ice-twisters somemore!

Sigh, i love my room now. It's like snow city!
Brrrrr.. -hugs myself-

Oh by the way before I end this post,
I hereby announce that Jiawen has become the laughing queen of my blog for the month!
I shall now, present you..


Save this picture if you want to! HAHAHAS

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