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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey people.
Let me know you're here, reading my blog alright?

What's the "comments" below every post doing for?

For all of you to comment and tell me how I can improve to make this blog a better place for you and me!

Don't just read and after that, alt-f4.
That's simply rude of you to do that!

At least, comment once!

I feel so.. abandoned when I see "0 comments" at every post.

You don't have to pay when commenting right!
You don't have to write your real name when commenting also!

Sigh :(
Today, I don't know why I was so angry

Most probably I've slept at the wrong side of my bed.
Or moodswing.. because my menses is coming?

This is getting more and more hilarious.
My menses seems that it will come only at every alternate months.

This month it didn't come, but last month it came.
Now, it's only 5 hours and 20 minutes to 1st of June! Which is another new month! And after that, my menses will come that following day. I'm so abnormal, but not as abnormal as Thadshaa! :)

And I'm so sorry that I vented my anger out on you, little brother. Hope you don't hold it against me. I love you, my beloved little brother! :)

PS. Hey, I'll not be attending the Structured Programme tomorrow though I'll be in school. I have to report for PA duty (Combined SYF Choir) . If any of my 2/7 classmate is reading this, please pass the message to Ms Kamath so she'd not mark me as absent tomorrow! Thanks!

Shop Smart!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This blog post is sooo going to talk about how I saved money today!
Learn to shop smart from me and save your pocket money to treat yourself to a huge meal for this achievement!

So, it started out as a usual day..
With the stupid structured class programme and everything..

And yes, Ms Wong went through a new topic with us.
She's talking as fast as she ever did last year, and I wondered any of my classmates REALLY
understand what she's talking about.

Sigh, class's not the same without Sandy anymore.

It's too... QUIET.
Lifeless, better off dead.

But anyway, Science lesson was quite fun to me at least. The only lesson that I was able to survive.

Camwhoring in Science lessons adds fun and excitement to it!

And there's one picture that Jiawen took, which was fucking beautiful!
But with my talented photoshop skills, I added some effects to it to make it more beautiful!
(Ok, I'm bragging! xD )

Okay, I can see you drooling at the picture now with the corner of my eyes.

After science lesson, it was Social Studies which was, totally boring. Just felt like sleeping the moment I look at the teacher.

School finished at 12.30pm and Thadshaa, Steph, Yan Mae, Gina and I went to Kopitiam for lunch. There were so many delicious yet expensive food. I wanted to buy the hakka food that has the EGG! But, it cost $6.90. Sigh.

In the end, I ate Minced Meat Noodle which was not equally as good as the Hakka food! :(
But still, soup and meat ball are provided and is only $3.50 which is considered reasonable in shopping centre's foodcourt.

We saw Jiale and Charlene and joined them after eating. We stopped outside the foodcourt and began discussing where we wanted to go. "East coast park.. Pasir ris park.. Lavender.. Bugis.. Tampines Mall..?" Everyone suggested. But in the end, not everyone went. Only Jiale, Charlene and I went Bugis to shop around.

Oh, and before that Stephanie and I bought this Chammy Kitty sweetbox! :D
But, it is not worth it. See below for more information.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you should know that almost EVERYTIME I go out with my friends, I'd always make fun of people or embarass myself in public/MRT! Okay, maybe you don't know but I'm telling you now. Lol, people who go out with me will suffer.

And that happened in the train today.
Many passengers were coming in and as you know, there'll be this stinky smell that float into the train. There was this guy who was standing beside Jiale who opened his armpit. It was so hilarious to see Jiale suffering with that smelly armpit man that I started laughing like a crazy woman!

Upon reaching there, we walked around the whole Bugis Junction/Street for a while and I saw many many earrings and beautiful clothes! Okay, here comes the Shop Smart!

  • Never just go to one shop and buy everything. (even if you think it is cheap!)
  • Explore other shops too and see whether they offer a cheaper price
  • Always bargain!
  • Always try the clothes that you're planning to buy before purchasing! (some stupid people are just so generous, paying $100 and din't even try or check the product!)
At first, I saw the same earrings that I wanted to buy at Bugis Junction.
The first one was, 3 for $10.
The second one was 4 for $10.

So, I bought the third one.

The third one was 1 for $2, 3 for $5.
(Shown below)

And here's something from FairyTale/Land not too casual and not too formal.

Here's a chic sweet that I bought from Japan Home for a price of 1 dollar only!
It's tasty and last very long in your mouth.

Thats all. If I bought the earrings for 3pairs - $10, imagine how much money I could have wasted?
And now, imagine how much money I've saved? :)

Oh yea, while walking inside the Bugis Junction Shopping Mall, I saw some chic dolls that caught my attention! So here it is. Yes, if you are using them, credit me.
(Click to enlarge)

And by the way, here's something.. cute that I took in the train. (If you guys have noticed it. Ahem!)


I love the Great Singapore Sale!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today, we were supposed to go Sentosa but many people could not make it due to some reasons. (As I've mentioned in the previous post)

So Jiale, Thadshaa and I went to Plaza Singapura and catch the new movie, Pirates of the Carribean 3. As you know, we're always late for everything. When I left my house, it was already 11am when we we supposed to meet at that point of time.

And yeah, Thadshaa was late too. Then we went to meet Jiale, who was late! Lol.
While waiting for the train to come, we saw this woman who had big man-like looking legs and was wearing a skirt and boots, thadsha and I laughed our ass off when we saw her. Lol, we sort of disgraced ourselves in public (as usual) and quickly went into the train to avoid any stares.

Upon reaching there, there were already big blisters forming on my legs. Pain la!
But yeah, I have a high tolerance of pain and can camwhore anytime if you call me to.

Here are some of the pictures I took with them despite the big and painful blisters on my leg.

Before going into the theater, we bought drinks and popcorns.

JiaLe and I shared the Shrek set which indicated that they'd give us the Shrek paper hat!! But they did not give us! Cheat our $8! And somemore, the popcorns they gave were so miserable and little! GRRR!

Then, we went into the theater and as usual, I was talking loudly and Thadsha turned around and 'shhhh' me which was louder than my talking! Lol.

And then, we sat there for 10 minutes, watching the stupid advertisements that were showing in the theater. Suddenly, they had this advertisement that showed beaches and volleyballs and again, I predicted that it'd be Sentosa! My prediction are always very accurate and I got too excited in the cinema, and I whispered (.. or shouted?) very loudly, " SENTOSA! OMG! SEEEEEEEE!" Lol, and there's the 'shhhhhhhhhh' again.

And here's a picture that Jiale and I took in the dark!

My face look sucky here!

And in the toilet!

The movie was okay, though I did not really understand what they were talking about. I just liked the part when they kill each other and the octopus man. And when Orlando Bloom got killed by the octopus man, I was so sad okay!! :(

After watching, we went to eat Long John Silver and Thadsha embarassed herself over there! The waitress who was serving us was called Mimi, and she say, " Waa, Mimi. What the hell LOL!" And then, we kept laughing non-stop and there was this guy who stood behind me. He was listening to his mp3 and seems to be grabbing something in the air that Thadsha and I couldn't see. "Eh, look behind. See what that guy doing sia! " And then, we laughed again!

Jiale sat for 30 mins and watched us eat until she couldn't stand it anymore and said, "AHHHH! WHEN CAN U GUYS FINISH EATING??" I laughed and Thadsha and I ate our last piece of food and left. We went window-shopping until I saw Action City and ran to it!

Guess what we bought? PIG AND BUNNY!
Buy 1 get 1 free!
That makes 2 for $12!
One for $6!!!!

You just got to love the Great Singapore Sale! Things have never been so cheap!

Guess what Thadsha said about my pig?
"Yucks, I hate pigs. They're the most disgusting thing!!"

Haiya, I was so heart-broken afterwards. Then as we walked, I saw this cashier that could be only found in the olden days like the 1960s!

We walked for several minutes until Thadshaa's sister called and told her to meet her at Cityhall. Thadsha left us and Jiale and I walked around. We went Spotlight and I saw the furry thing again! This time she tried on it! I swear she look cute!

That's a wig on her hair! HAHAHAHA!!

By the time it was already 5.50pm. We decided to leave and took a picture of our pigs again :)

And yeah, we shared some things that we've experienced in life on the MRT. Well, nuer remember to follow my advice okay! :)

You know what, I might consider entering the competition of Camwhore Queens.
I'm just too zilian !!!!!

I guess that's all for today.

By the way, I'm sorry tht I didn't post the pictures of the Venus thinggy that I've mentioned in my previous post. I promise I will, someday. Haha (:


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sigh, we're not going to Sentosa tomorrow as many people can't make it for this trip.

Damn, I was really looking forward to it but I guess it benefited quite a lot of people. Firstly, if we postpone to another day when everyone's free, we'll go in a bigger group : The more, the merrier :)

And also, save more money perhaps?


Guess what I saw this evening at 7?
I saw Venus!

I read my Science textbook when I was either primary 4 or 5 and they say that if you see a bright tiny 'star' in the evening, it's not a star but a planet!

My first time seeing Venus! :)

I shall post the pictures tomorrow, okay?
I've got to wash the toilet now.

Should I laugh.. not?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't know whether I should laugh or get angry.

They suggested to clear this so-called tiny misunderstanding up,
but in the end what happened?

And before that, Thadsha and I tried to tell them PROPERLY,
one of them just called us cowards and without hesitating, she immediately put it as her pm as if there's no tomorrow.

End of talk.

No more bargaining.
I don't see a need to clear this misunderstanding up anymore.

Yes, I used to be friends with them all and I admit that I respected them in the past.

Not now.
Not in the future.
Not, anymore.

And I swear that I'm very happy that we're splitting class next year, though I'll miss many of my friends in 2/7. Hope we'll keep in contact after that.

I know that all of us have a part causing this so-called misunderstanding, but it's all up to you whether who you want to believe. I have no say about this and shall not interfere in your life.

*Update: This is a new layout for my site. Umm, I think I'll stick to Georgia for the time being.

I hate George Bush.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I know my title for this post sounds pretty cute (... not?), as if it has been written by some 5 years old kid. But, this is so goddamn true and is typed personally by me! Sue me la, Mr George Bush. Bet your dick is as bushy as your name.

I personally feels that everyone should hate him too. You know, he's old and fragile. And if he learnt that everyone hate him, he might die of a heart attack. I know this sounds cruel but, after hearing this you might change your mind.

Benefits if Mr George Bush die:

  • Everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE in the whole world gets a day off away from work/school.
  • The new president might consider to do something about the disgusting global warming and the many many many many greenhouse gases that traps heat that made us (young teens) look like a 50 years old maid!
  • Low-lying islands will not be swallowed by the ocean eg. Singapore ( think about the consequences if Singapore disappear! )
  • Polar bears will not die! ( they're the cutest animals in the whole animal kingdom.. )
  • And, the best of the best-est things that could ever happen if he die is that nobody who is named George Bush will live anymore!
Yes, he caused everything.

He caused tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados and many natural disasters to happen, just because he think that STUPID ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY can save everything.

As a president, he is being STUPID by thinking that way. What if one day, a sudden flying meteorite hit his house and I doubt technology can save him anymore.

If he's reading this, I'd would so happy because I don't ever think that he'd think that environment is important to him. Some people are just so thick-skinned. I think even if he's still lying on his deathbed, half-dead, he'd be saying this to his assistants, "Technology can save everything.." And he'd close his eyes and die, smiling to himself!

Why must people be so thick-skinned even if they've reached the edge of death? There's never a happy ending if you watch those hongkong drama shows.

Please help to spread the word! Hate George Bush as much as you can! By doing this you can save your face from turning old very fast and also, global warming!! :)

Got to go, I'm off to scrubbing the toilet now because i'm pretty Cinderella. I know I make no sense at all but I'm really going to scrub the toilet now. I'm now working part-time at my own house. 10 dollars one day. I know you (who's reading this) envy me. Because I can feel it :)

Something unexpected happened!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I was always praying that my brother would turn out to be more cool someday so as his sister, I can have more 'face'. But well, that could never happen. With his slightly overweight figure and nerdy look, he could never achieved handsome or cool.

But, miracles do happen.

I went home today, and was much suprised that my brother didn't play the computer. "Walau, sleeping again sia." I thought. And guess what, I caught him in my room, doing something not very appropriate! Lord save my brother, he was spiking up his hair and using this pair of scissors and cutting his fringe. I asked him, "Oi what are you doing? Crazy ah cut your hair for what?" And he gave me a evil look and replied me, " My hair ugly, so need to cut lor."

Lol, and in the end, I offered to cut off his hair. He kept looking into the mirror and checking out whether I've cut out any of his important hair position. Oh, whatever. Nowadays my brother is so engaged on the phone and sometimes, I can even see him smsing and smiling to himself. Must be some crush =.= I think my brother's out of his mind. Well, I don't think he'll be cool anymore after today. He'll just be COOL for only today and spike up his hair for once in his whole lifetime. And thats very typical of my brother, if you live with him for 13 years.

Oh by the way, I've just created a WAKAKA club!
I don't think anyone out there knows what I'm really talking about, but only my wakaka friends know it! It's a symbol for people who love to laugh, just like me! :)

And next Monday, the Wakaka people are going to SENTOSA!

Feeling jealous? You ought to.

Because, we'll be having many events like kite flying, picnic, playing of volleyball, water-bombs and many more! It's going to be super duper ultra fun, I assure you.

For those who have been noticing that we don't hang out with them anymore, the reason is simple:

"Best friends are forever, not backstabbers."

I hope that explains everything.

Stupidity kills the cat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You ought to agree with me when it comes to dumbness.

I mean, I have a limit with dumbness too okay.
Sometimes when we are gossiping, it's a fact that we shouldn't look at the person to avoid suspicion. BUT, some people just gossip and look at the person. Yeah, she pointed at me while talking to her friends. How dumb can she get? It's not all about academics alright. What's the use of learning 1+1 when you don't even know how to count?

It's basic common sense.

Take a tv scene for example.
Can you play the song, tonghua while having a war scene? That's what i saw on tv today. For your information tong hua means fairytale for those of you who don't know the meaning. If you haven't hear it, go hear it now. That song is totally more like in a fantasy and more to soothing. But when you're having a war at such a critical minute, how can they play tong hua?!
Well, if George Bush was to start a war and one of his soldiers suddenly played a happy happy song eg.Graduation by Vitamin C, no doubt that he would kill that soldier. War is no fun or any happy graduating day.
Ask a 3 years old kid and he can answer that correctly too.

So, before acting rashly one should use their brains. Yes, I am pinpointing some of the people I know. And I shall not deny it. Unlike some people, tsk tsk. Nevermind, end of this disgusting talk. I just can't stand discussing about it. Now, I've got something better to do. Blogging! Lol, I'm blogging now anyway -.-

School's pretty boring nowadays due to the free periods that we have and also, exams are over. But still, it's really very fun though! Haha, I'm having so much fun in school nowadays. And also, the june holidays are coming too! And we can then go out with our friends and have fun! :D It's boring to do the same things over and over again. For example, going to the park everyday during the june holidays are totally, BORING. -yawns-

Mentioning about this kind of BORING stuffs can also make me sleep. See how dangerous this boring disease can spread. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.

Anyway, I made some icons! And those same old rule still applies to them.

  • None of my work can be used for commerical purposes, unless stated otherwise.
  • Can be used meaningfully as your avatar or MSN display picture.
  • Credit my site if you are using it for something else eg. project, blogskins, etc.
  • Do not modify my work unless permission given.
  • Do not claim my work as yours.
  • Respect copyrighted works.
  • My works are protected under the copyrights law.

And a photo of the scenery outside my window..

Is it still the same?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will it still remain the same for us again?

I don't know.

But, I still remember our promise.
I still remember that we promised each other we will stay strong and keep holding on forever..

Thank you for being always there for me..
I know I'm always selfish and unreasonable.. But I can't keep holding on forever..
I'm weak and you should know that.. Someday, I will let go and fall hard..

Oh my god, I can't believe I'm crying while typing this..

But I can see something special in you, that I can't find in any other guys..
It's forever.. You're not like other guys.. There are many special things about you, but you don't know.. Actually you're very nice.. But you just don't realise it..

Our 5th month is coming soon.. And I really thank you for all the happy memories that my previous relationships doesn't offer at all..

And thanks for being so sweet to me always.. I love you..

I want to pierce my nose! D:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I told Thadsha about it.

And she told me,
"gladys.. i love u the way u r.. & im sure hu eva loves u, lovbe u the way u r"

I replied her,
"but i dont love me. me suck."

Sigh, I really want to pierce my nose! ):
It seems to be so pretty, on other people. Well, maybe it doesn't look pretty on me but I just want to see how I'd look! If it doesn't look nice, I can always take the stud out and let the hole close :)

Maybe I should think about it first before making such a decision like piercing my nose..

Well nevermind,
I shall start this post, happily and cheerfully today :)

Yesterday was Saturday and we brought the little kids to the Farmart Centre. I woke up at 7am and made it a point to leave the house at 8.15am, but as you know I'm always as slow as ever. Sometimes when I walked with my grandma, she could even walk faster than me. Sigh, how am I going to survive in the adult's world when I can't do anything right and fast?

Well, I waited for Stephanie at the bus stop and saw Jia Le and Charlene. They joined me, waiting for Stephanie. Though it was already 8.35 but I think we're not late at all, are we? As long as the teachers don't open their mouth and scold us, we're always right and early. Just joking :)

Yeah, we sat there for a boring 1 hour and set off later. So guess what we did for that past 1 hour? Tying other people's hair, blowing bubbles, playing with stuff toys can really kill time. Soon, we got up on the bus and I made a lot a lot of noise with Thadsha. As usual. The fun will never end with Thadshainiy! HAHAHAHAHA :D

we are so damn cute.

I know I look horrible but I was cleaning my specs mah!

Me & Thadsha

Upon reaching the farm, I could not hold my excitement anymore and quickly ran down to see the farm. Though smelly, the scenery to me was really nice. Then we had to sit down and a old man, claiming to be Uncle William begun his long and boring talk about stupid chicken that we weren't that interested in. He keep talking about his chickens and how many eggs it can lay. Go geylang and find chicken la.

Everyone's looking so bored. -yawns-

"This ah, my chicken la!"

"They laid so many eggs because I f-ked them!!"

And so, he continued his boring talk.. Blah Blah Blah.. While I took pictures around me..

The cute shop!

I love the wheel! :D

Thadsha was sleeping while 'listening' to the talk.

Even this baby was bored.

He only looked at the uncle for a second but looked at me for a minute! ;)

After his talk, it was quiztime. As usual, all the little kids were excited and raised their hands to answer the questions. The consolation prizes were 15 eggs while the grand prize was 100 eggs! Well, for the first time in that farm, I got really excited. But I didn't listen to his talk. But.. one of my babes did! JIAWEN! :D
She got the grand prize and we were so happy that we cheered VERY VERY loudly for her!

The winner! I'm so proud of my jie! :D

The 100 eggs! Yummy! -oops =x -

Yeah, and after that was Treasure Hunting, but it was more like a food fair because everywhere we go, there seems to be food and I just can't stop myself from eating them. I didn't know what we had to find, so I just went to look at the birds that the Uncle William was talking about just now.

Yeah, Jiawen and I keep trying the don't know what ball but it was simply lovee! :D
Delicious, and nice-smelling too! Then we walked and walked, until some of the beautiful flowers over there caught my eyes. And I took a snapshot of them, "Click!"

It seems peaceful, doesn't it? :D

Well, actually I don't really have to elaborate everything. I'll just upload all the photos I took due to time constraint, ok? :)

Yeah, the slimy and green thing belongs to Jiawen. Lol, disgusting!! xD

Yups. And the following night, daddy wanted to bring me to Whitesands Popular to buy Science Assessment as I failed my Science again. T__T But in the end, there were too many people so we went to Simei. The first shop that my brother and I wanted to go was Pet Safari. We saw so many chic chic puppies! :D

Apparently from all the excitement that we had, my daddy was feeling hungry and he shooed us away from Pet Safari to have dinner at the HongKong restaurant. We then went Watsons to shop. Hee, I saw this super cute pink puppy stufftoy and hugged it for quite a while. And guess what my daddy said?
"Aiya, nevermind for once I'll buy this for you."

MIRACLE! He never bought any stufftoy for me before because to him, stufftoys are ugly and expensive. Now, my pink puppy plushie that I've purchased is so big and is bigger than a 8 years old kid! I hugged it last night and fell asleep.

PS. And guess what? I didn't buy the Science Assessment in the end. Lol.

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