Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm back after mia for so long :)

Okay, I'm not really back.
I'm just here to tell you guys that I won't be updating this blog for quite sometime..



Sigh, today I made her cry la.
When she cried, I just feel like giving myself a fucking tight slap!

I mean, which best friend made their best friend cry on their birthday?!

Thadsha.. I'm so sorry okay.. And we love you!!

And tomorrow's your BBQ! And we're looking forward to it and I'm going because of her! Hahahahaha :)

Ps. Who's berry? Er.. From bercham de ah?

Permed hair!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Okay, guess what?

I've finally PERMED MY HAIR!

(in malaysia)
I look more mature and.. weird now, sigh.
I wish my hair was longer :(

The process was long and tiring.
And.. painful!

Maybe not that painful, but there were a lot of pulling and breaking of my hair!

But in the end, I'm still satisfied with my hair :)

Andandand, yesterday I went on a shopping spree!
Bought a long top, small jacket and a halterneck.

I saw this fucking pretty high heels and I ALMOST bought it!!

And... yesterday, I saw him.
Yes, him.

I like his hug, heh.

Holiday Trip!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Alright guys, I'm going to Malaysia tomorrow for an unknown period of time!!

It was a last minute idea, and I couldn't refuse as Mum had already bought the tickets.
At least let me have some preparation ba.

Now I'm packing my bag like a mad woman, finding my clothes, accessories and etc.

Here's the things I'm going to bring:
(Mum told me that I might as well bring the whole house along, which is not a bad idea afterall)

  • Baby Piglet
  • Piggy
  • Ring (for him)
  • Necklaces, makeups, bracelets, earrings, hair clips etc.
  • Cream for my face
  • Assessments
  • Clothes (Must bring that new white tee along!)
  • Money (In Ringgit of course)
  • Small bag to hide.. ahem, pirated disc =.=
  • Handphone (Duh!)
  • Plasters
  • Comb
  • Tissues
  • Perfume, Baby Lotion and Hair Leave-on Moisturiser
  • Socks
  • Earpierce and Charger
  • Cleo Magazine
  • Extra shoes
  • Nail polish remover (Just painted my nails black!)

My father said my nails are disgusting.
Tsktsk, guys will never appreciate nailart! It's beauty ok!

Sigh, tomorrow I'll be leaving for Malaysia!
Just can't wait!

I'll be able to see him, all my friends, grandma, cousins and everyone!

As I'm typing this, I'm left all alone at home, watching my New York Minute on my laptop to entertain myself. Pathetic.

And where's my parents if you ask me?

This is getting more and more hilarious.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

So, who're the ones who called us loners in the first place?

And besides, we don't use people like you do.
We treat everyone as our friends. You're just jealous that you guys have no one to hang with, except those girls.

You say you have true friends. But do you?

And she befriended you because she have to face you every occasion and it would be pretty awkward if you guys fall out.

You should know why she sticked to you.
And who was the first one who started the hate her thing?

Everyone can vouch that she started it. And don't shoot things back, denying everything.

And, you wanted us to confess everything we did.
But you've already told her all the untrue things and it's pretty obvious who she wants to believe now.

So, is there a chance for us to explain?

And oh please, we don't laugh for attention.
We're laughing with our heart and unlike you, who laugh for the sake of laughing.

Oh well, I don't see a reason for us to explain to you guys since the answer is pretty obvious that you will always trust among yourselves. Whatever we say, will not make a difference.

And, good luck with your awesome life with backstabbing and betraying.

Okay, I'm not going to blog about this matter anymore.
It's wasting my blog space and also, a waste of my time.

JiaLe, her mum, her sister and I went to Bugis yesterday!

I swear her mum look really young!

We went there as Jiale had to exchange her newly bought skirt for a new one.
The one that she bought was torn and she was so upset so I accompanied her to exchange lor.

Upon reaching there, we headed for the second floor shops and I got enchanted by the beauty of heels again!
I saw many many super HIGH heels but I only had 20 bucks with me :(

Talking about saving money, sigh.
More like spending money to me.

If I was a millionaire..

-puff! :( -

Back to the Bugis thing,
I saw many cute dresses and accessories and I can't help but drool at them..

Then, we went back to the shop that JiaLe had purchased her skirt from and we got a new one.
This time, we checked thoroughly and thanked the auntie before leaving her lolita gothic shop.

We walked around and I was getting so crazy over shoes, tops and dresses that I saw everywhere. Please god, drop some money from the sky and let me spend it all on these beautiful girly stuffs..

After a while, we went to the Teenage Cafe and ate our lunch.
Jiale's mum treated us to spaghetti, giant fries, nuggets and coke.

I felt pretty bad as the food there were expensive.

We rested there as we could not move any further with our big tummy.
Then, we went to the first floor and went window shopping again.

Suddenly, this bling bling top with a heart necklace caught my eyes and I just knew I had to buy it!
1 for $12 while 2 for $20.

I asked Jiale if she wanted it and just as I thought, she also loved it a lot!
We then shared money and bought the top for only $10 each!

Here's the top that I'm talking about now:

Nice? Hehe, actually the focus is on the necklace..
The white top is actually very useful, because i can use it when I'm wearing my tube dress/top :)

I also saw this beautiful pair of red high heels, and I kept holding onto it for a few minutes, hoping that it'd be mine.

Soon, we went Bugis Junction and shopped around.

We went to the children's department and saw a arcade(very small) at the end.
It was boring, as those games were more for children under 10. So, we just watched other children play and we left that miserable place.

At that time, it was already 7.35pm!

I called my parents and asked them if I could dine with Jiale and family.
Was pretty surprised when they say I could.

When we reached whitesands, it was already 8.00pm.

JiaLe and I rushed to Ice Lemon Tea and guess what??
The earrings are 3 for.. 1.95!!!!!

We'd be considered retarded if we don't buy!!

And yeah, there were many vintage-looking earrings and you know, I'm crazy over them!
Again, Jiale and I shared money and bought them.

While Jiale's mum was looking at the bags at Ink, Jiale was trying to poke the earrings through her earholes and it bled! Siao la! Somemore she say not painful at all!

I went home around 9-10plus and edited all the photos that Jiale and I took!

And here's all the photos:

Was trying out the new top with my tube top! And look at my brown eyes! (:

Ps: Mum did a short survey and immediately got 30 bucks! But she gave me the money :)
Must call her to do more survey now! Hahahas(:

Unleash that sexy beach goddess in you!

Friday, June 01, 2007


I bought the June issue of Cleo Magazine, which features Jade Seah in the hot bikini!

Just in case you're wondering who she is, she's the first runner-up for Miss Singapore Universe, new spokesperson for Nivea's skincare range and CLEO Cover Girl Search 2003 finalist!

Jade Seah (First Runner Up for Singapore Universe)
Carol Leong (Miss Singapore Universe)

I think Jade's more beautiful than Carol!
Look at Carol face la, more like Indonesia maid lor.

Most probably she won due to her precious asset. Oh what the hell. I bet all the guys who vote for her are those 80 years old leechers. Yucks.

Oh back to the Cleo magazine, there're a lot of tips for girls who are into shopping, cosmetics, slimming down and fashion! Also, they often share their life experiences with readers, thus gaining more knowledge about what you're going through at a later age!

Last but not least, free samples for EVERY CLEO READERS!

And the magazine only cost $4.40.
It's worth the money and is quite thick unlike Teenage. In my opinion, magazines like Teen or Teenage are more for twits or ahlians if you ask me.

Now, I shall share some tips to get that bikini body that you've always desired!

Pg 126.

Cardio activities burn calories so you can blaze fat more efficiently, making your heart stronger and improving your lung capacity.

Here's an example of a cardio activity:
(there are more in the magazine, but i'm only listing out one. You've got to buy the magazine to see what's more inside. Don't be a freeloader! :P)
  • Jumping Jacks
Do these in the comfort of your own home and in front of the TV. This exercise focuses on conditioning and total body endurance. To do it well, you should start in an upright position with your feet together and hands by your side. Begin by jumping vertically while at the same time moving your feet out shoulder-width apart and your hands coming up above your head. Always make sure that the core stays tight and that your movements are quick and controlled.
Jumping Jacks for 60 minutes = A bowl of almond jelly (260 calories)

And here's a part on the benefits of stretching.
(If you buy the magazine, they'll show you different stretching exercises)

Stretching your limits
Three reasons why you should increase your flexibility

Improved Physical Performance-Daily tasks such as lifting or running will become easier and less tiring as a result.

Better Posture-Frequent stretching helps to keep your muscles from getting tight and improve muscular balance and posture.

Stress Relief-Increases mental and physical relaxation.

And here's the Cleo 28 Day Body Plan!
I'm noooooot going to list out the 28 days of course =.=

Week 1, monday
Cardio-Brish walk(20mins)
Diet-Breakfast(1 slice of wholewheat toast/1 small apple)

Week 1, tuesday
Stretch-Easy walk for 10 minutes followed by:
1.one set of 12 to 15 OLOPL and Pick-Up squats.(don't ask me OLOPL is, i don't know!)
2.One set of 15 to 25 reps using 3 to 5lbs dumbbells for Cald Raises with Biceps and Triceps Pull-down Lunge.
3. Blah blah blah :P
4. Blah blah blah :P

Week 1, wednesday
Cardio-Light jog for 30 minutes
Diet-1/2 medium 100percent wheat bagel,1/2 cup of wholewheat or whole-grain pasta.

Week 1, thursday
Strength- Follow Tuesday.
Stretch-Do it for 15 minutes after workout.

Week 1, friday
Cardio-Yoga, swimming (pick one and do as long as you want!)
Diet-1 serving of starchy carbs like brown rice
-two servings of veggie-carbs (a cup of brocoli and eight spears of asparagus).
-one serving of lean protein like chicken breast
-two servings of fat.

And blah blah blah..

You've to buy the magazine and follow the routine.
After that, you can...

Hit the beach in your brand new bikini!

*Cleo Magazine can be found at any newstands and also, Any Popular outlets (remember to bring extra $4.40 when you go out!)
*In the June issue, they will give out free NIVEA VISAGE Deep Pore Control Facial Foam, which is new!
Reasons you should purchase the NEW NIVEA VISAGE Deep Pore Control Facial Foam:

Oil free formula, Customised for Asian Skin, Dermatologically tested
, Non-comedogenic(doesn't clog pores or aggravate acne), Prevent black heads and blemishes, unclogging of pores!

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