Halloween's coming soon!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hey everyone!

Halloween's coming soon and I just can't wait!

So what do you think?
This is the first year I'll be celebrating Halloween so I'm definitely excited!

Hmm... Speaking of Halloween, I've got some costumes in mind..

So cool right! ;)
(But wearing this makes you look so sex deprived so that you can attract some old and horny men)

But Halloween is an occasion everyone should enjoy!
(Though one of my USA friends in IMVU told me that it's a festival about ghosts and witches)

And there'll be this Halloween party at Escape Theme Park which includes:
  • Best Dressed
  • Games
  • & more..
Lol, I'm not really sure.
Credits go to Jiawen for telling me these!

I'll get more information from her soon!

But before that, I think you have to register for it first.

I could have gotten more info from her if I went to school today.
Lol, but I'm down with cough and some asshole thingy.

Yesterday, I went to the Pasir Ris Clinic for a checkup because the day before my asshole was bleeding and the whole toilet bowl was filled with blood.

The doctor wanted to insert this freaking huge metal stick into my asshole and I cried.
Yeah, because I was afraid that it would hurt or something.

But in the end, I let her put inside because she say it might be cancer or something else.

It was so fucking painful!!!!

I was kicking the wall and screaming and crying and the doctor gave me tissues and calmed me down.
(Jiawen was so shocked after she called me, lol)

After that, she told me that she had to prescribe me some pills(big and long) and I had to insert the pill every night into my asshole.

So last night, I inserted the long pill which looked like a bullet.

No pain, but it was really disgusting! Haha.

The main cause of this bleeding ass thing is because of.......


(Read the previous post to see the stupid teddy bear bread)

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