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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gathering of Sec 3s in the parade ground.

"Crestians oi!"
"Oi your head lah!!"

Ms Lim pretending not to see.

Finally, she made up her mind to smile at my camera!

Both of them are so happy to see my sexy camera.

"Oh no, we are going to start our retarded poses again!!"

Jeslyn =)

Jomanda's spider woman pose.

Ms lim trying to survive in the shaky bus.

"What are the boys doing at the back?!"

"Let's sing Barney the song!"

Okay, here are the retards..




More trees.


Cute trainers.

Jomanda, Jessie and Jouyee's darling.

And here are them.

And here are we.

And they are they.

And others are others.

"Let's teach these retards how to pitch tents!"

"But wait.. Got any pretty girls to help me or not?!"

"Okay, I found one."

"Yucks!! Where got pretty sia.. Look like giraffe lor."

"Say somemore I use lighter burn you retards' mouth!"

"Eh eh, RELAX!"

Back to trees.

And the giraffe appeared.

Caught a baby frog!

Pile of shit.


Jomanda's imaginary friend.

And there she's kissing it now..

2/7! :(

Handsome sister.


What was I catching?? I seriously have no idea..

Leon why that ferocious face?

See the animals at the left side of this photo.

3/5's very own Marathon

Cool shot 1.

Cool shot 2.

"My butt itchy!!"
"Okay okay come I help you dig!"

*Laughs at retarded trainers*

Pole for pole dancing.

My sexy trainers.

But they are so twitx worhx!

3/5 =)

"So what are we doing now? Project Runway?"

Sexy sexy. NOT!

We pledge to stay sexily forever! =)

"Okay guys, we are going to start a dating game! Choose your sex partners now!"

"Er... I'm shy.."

"Umm.. I don't know what to say leh.." *Blush*

"I know I'm naked but you don't have to stare at me like that!"

Writing our purposes of this camp.

I wrote to experience jungle life! Lol, got a punch from Saz.

With cute cute cute Khai.

Sexy 3/5!!!!!

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