I'm sorrrryyyy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sorry for not updating people!

My blog is rotting that I don't think anyone's visiting it anymore.
Lol, it's just that I'm really busy nowadays..

I've got so many freaking photos to post about my camp!

Can't believe I actually survived the 3 days 2 nights camp.
It was just beside 4 cemeteries!

And yes, the campsite Sarimbun, is located at Choa Chu Kang!

Every night was pure torture man.

You will know why when I post the pictures!!

And no, we didn't sleep in rooms.
Instead, we sleep in tents that we had to pitch ourselves.

8 girls sharing a tent. How pathetic!!

It was so cramped up that we couldn't even breathe.
Cockroaches were invading our tent...... but it's best if we just close one eye and pretend nothing happened.

And what we did there was just pure Oi-ing and some muddy activities that 3/5 didn't get to do.

But still, it's actually quite fun.

The main thing was that the trainers there are either cute or HOT!

Walao, there was this fucking cute hot trainer who was with the primary school children.
Why so cute must take the primary school children?!!!!!!


But then, we got to know all our classmates better which was the best!! =)

The only worst thing about the camp was the toilet.

In fact, we don't mind going through the mud, sleeping in cockroachy tents, hot guys getting fucked by primary school children, dead bodies crawling out of their tombstones.........


I mean, toilets are one of girls' favourite places..

So at least please clean the toilet ONCE!

I don't think they even clean it before..
Because the cubicles are always choked with pads, balloons, panties, underwear and disgusting yellow red blue green stains on the wall and floor!

Okay, maybe just yellow stains..

There was no hangers for us to hang our clothes or whatever so!!

And now, I totally understand why people are choking the toilet bowls with panties..

Poor us.
I don't think I will want to go Sarimbun again...


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