Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hahaha, yesterday must be the best day of my life man!!

So Thadsha breast and I laughed at retards and walked to school as usual.
Lalalalallalaa and of course, can't wait for school to end to eat our cowboy noodle and carrot cake!

During self study period, we were like writing about many many things.

And then we headed to Downtown east and ate lor.

Don't know why we started talking about hot guys.


She said that her taste in guys are soooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!
I almost puked.


Then we went home and I went to meet Nick for dinner.

I put too much eyeliner :(

We were finding each other like crazy because we didn't find a specific place to meet.
And he took a taxi here just to find me!!

So sweet right =)

We walked to the park and he told me he's going to get a car soon...
YAY!!!! =)

Then can fetch me everyday muhahahaha =)

It was so freaking windy in the park and my t shirt flew up!

We went to TM and eat our dinner =)

Drinking his retarded mango smoothie =)

Expert in twirling spaghetti!!!!

"I feel like a baby! Don't feed me anymore."
"Why not? You are a baby. I mean mine."

He smell so niceeeeeeeeeeee!


And we went homeeeeeeeeeeee.
Gradually, I fell asleep in the taxi after a long and tired day.......


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