Thursday, January 03, 2008

On the first day of school, I got really depressed and tired la.

It was like, who the fuck are these people man?
It is just so boring without 2/7..

And i guess yesterday was the worst day of my life..

Just so retarded.

Kept going to the toilet because of my weak bladder and of cos, I suspected that I've got ITU.

But when I see the doctor, she checked my everywhere, and i really mean everywhere.
Except for my nehneh lol.

And it was really awkward.

And after all that disgusting checkups, they confirmed that I had no problem!

They told me it was just a psychologic problem.
I am not a psycho okay. I just have a weak bladder.

And then the doctor prescribed me some suppressant pills to calm me down as if I've got a mental problem.

But anyway, school was alright today.
Get to talk more and see my old friends more..

I will update soon about the new year photos!

There's a fucking huge pile of homework waiting for me...

And to all the insulters on my tagboard:
Insulting me doesn't get you anywhere. So just save your fucking mouth. Don't think you'll get any benefits though.

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