Happy Valentine's and teaching sex perverts!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just can't believe it.

I just can't believe it.


And the worst thing is, I lost it the day before Valentine's day!!!! :(

What the hell la!!!

What if somebody ask me out on a date and I never reply??

And I can't send random things that are happening around me to Breast woman ANYMORE!!

And whoever you cibai nabeei lanjiao kaninabu chao cheebye is holding onto it,
you better hand it over.

My handphone so ugly and so old already still take for what?!

I bet it's some sleazy minah who took it.

But to tell you something, my phone is locked and protected by passwords and also, NO BATTERY ANYMORE!!!!


Since there's already no use to it,
please give the SBS transit station man back my handphone la!!!

I cant live without my handphone...... :'(

And thank goodness, I immediately stopped my line so that sim card is now unavailable
Haha, stupid asshole who took it!

Hope your body rot and may your face be filled with pimples and scars and disgusting yellowish pus all over your face!!!

Now, I've to call people and I LOVE SMSING ONLY OKAY!


Anyway, thanks for the presents!!!!!

Jomanda,Charmaine and Jesslyn!
Haha, this is going to be one fat Valentine's day for me.

Oh yes, the beautiful rose!
Thank you CHARMAINE!! I shall hug it to sleep everyday! Heheheheehehe.

Anyway, I was reading Dollies Gone Wild's blog when I decided to join them in exposing sex perverts on the net!!!!!

So I downloaded MIRC (which is some kind of Chat where you can make 'new friends'. It's something like MSN)

And the moment I typed "Hey everyone, I'm from Singapore!", all the singaporean guys were already im-ing me.

So here are some of these chats:

(Too young no talk)

sadsad: like
sadsad: sex?
babygerl`: hi
sadsad: asl plz
babygerl`: no
babygerl`: am 10 years old
babygerl`: why
sadsad: just ask
babygerl`: what is sex?
sadsad: put my thing in your hole
babygerl`: ?? what thing??
sadsad: i want sex partner
babygerl`: u want a hole partner??
sadsad: yup
babygerl`: icic
No such nick/channel

The first thing he asked was, "Like sex?" Just imagine this was really a 10 years old little kid talking to him.

(Too young cannot be friends)

william975: hey
babygerl`: hi
william975: how are you wer in singapore you from?
william975: u on msn
babygerl`: no
babygerl`: i no msn
william975: ok no probs? you fancy a drink sum time
babygerl`: noo thanks
babygerl`: i dun drink.
william975: well hang out if u like
babygerl`: lols
babygerl`: i dun hang out
babygerl`: i go out
william975: well go out a mean lol
babygerl`: lols
babygerl`: but when i meet the guys then they also take off my clothes u know
babygerl`: and besides i'm only 12 years old!!!!!
william975: wow sorry i thought u wer older, well goodbye?
babygerl`: goodbye??
babygerl`: i thought u want to take me out for a drink/??!!
william975: yeah but ur only 12
babygerl`: friends no age limit wat!
william975: yeah but u to young to do anything at all drinks or that
babygerl`: u say hang out wat
babygerl`: then dun drink lor
william975: lol no its not even legal for me to meet you?
babygerl`: why??
babygerl`: friends got legal and illegal one meh??!!
babygerl`: OI
babygerl`: WHO ARE YOU?!!
babygerl`: WHO ARE YOU?!!

See? He got scared and stopped replying. Do this if someone asks you to meet him!!


chooooha: hi
babygerl`: hello
chooooha: wana chat
babygerl`: haha ok lor
chooooha: i am mustafa
chooooha: ur name
babygerl`: haha
babygerl`: u are the shopping centre
chooooha: hummmmmm
chooooha: hahaha
chooooha: i am boy of 29 year
babygerl`: waa so old
babygerl`: what u doing here
chooooha: its on my name
babygerl`: looking for sex izzit
chooooha: yes
babygerl`: hahaha u are bangla
chooooha: wht do u mean by bangla??
babygerl`: cos bangla the name mustafa one what
chooooha: i am not local
babygerl`: ya that explains it
babygerl`: u from bangladesh!!!!
babygerl`: YUCKS STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!
chooooha: i m from pakistan
babygerl`: WORST!!!!!
chooooha: i am human
chooooha: i am staying in grand copthorn hotel
babygerl`: icic
babygerl`: good
chooooha: u can call me right now
chooooha: if u want
chooooha: u there
chooooha: i am in hotel room

babygerl`: no thanks
babygerl`: ur hotel room cheapskate one riht
chooooha: what
chooooha: u there
babygerl`: no
chooooha: ahhaha
chooooha: u r funny girl
chooooha: may we becum frnd
chooooha: i am here for 15 days
babygerl`: oh
babygerl`: if u want sex
babygerl`: i recommend geyland
chooooha: can u catch speed in chatting
babygerl`: *lang
chooooha: hahahaha
babygerl`: no i cannot catch speed
babygerl`: speed cannot catch one la u fail ur science izzit
chooooha: ahaan
chooooha: whats ur name
babygerl`: chooha


chooooha: what is ur age
babygerl`: 10
chooooha: what??
chooooha: sorry to bother u
babygerl`: why??
babygerl`: i thought u want sex
chooooha: u r too young
chooooha:\but not with child
chooooha: haha
babygerl`: i not child
babygerl`: i got my breast allready
chooooha: sorry baby
chooooha: i never even think to hv sex wid 16 year age girl
babygerl`: eh i got breast what
babygerl`: and dun call me baby its disgusting
chooooha: ahaan
chooooha: so where r u
chooooha: did u ever come the hotel night club
babygerl`: ya
chooooha: i never seen any young girl there
babygerl`: haha too bad
babygerl`: i tell u i got breast already right
chooooha: hummm
chooooha: did u every sex
chooooha: ever*
babygerl`: no
babygerl`: i kick balls
chooooha: hahahah
chooooha: so u like balls
chooooha: :P
babygerl`: no
chooooha: to kick ;)
babygerl`: oi dun talk to me la idiot i think u are the one who love balls
chooooha: why, whats happened
chooooha: knock!!!!knock
babygerl`: cos u very irritating ok i am 10 years old stop talking to me if not i tell my father

Foreigners are also one of the most dangerous animals in Singapore. They are lurking around in dark corners, ready to pounce on virgins' flesh anytime. Never accept to meet anyone ANYWHERE! He's still disturbing this 10 years old little kid. And he can be jailed!

(Dumbest guy)

wxyz: hi
wxyz: asl?
babygerl`: hi.
babygerl`: female 16
wxyz: oops
babygerl`: whats up?
wxyz: i older than u 16 years
wxyz: :P
babygerl`: wa
babygerl`: so old
wxyz: yes la
wxyz: i 32
babygerl`: wa
babygerl`: married anot
wxyz: not yet
wxyz: haha
babygerl`: so old already dun want marry
wxyz: end of this year
babygerl`: hahas
babygerl`: oo that means engaged le la
wxyz: not yet also la
babygerl`: -.-
wxyz: lol
wxyz: where in sg u stay o?
babygerl`: pasir panjang
wxyz: ic...
wxyz: far
babygerl`: hahas
babygerl`: ya la
babygerl`: but i moving to simei soon
wxyz: icic
babygerl`: if simei then very near la
wxyz: haha
babygerl`: where u stay
wxyz: marine parade

babygerl`: near orchard lor
wxyz: no la

wxyz: near east coast park
wxyz: is marine parade
wxyz: not marina

babygerl`: i think u should get married soon
wxyz: end of this year lo
wxyz: y?
babygerl`: so u got gf
wxyz: yes la
wxyz: u have bf?
wxyz: haha
babygerl`: no
wxyz: ic
wxyz: u singaporean?
babygerl`: yes
wxyz: ic
wxyz: still schooling rite
babygerl`: ya
babygerl`: why leh
wxyz: just ask ma
wxyz: y move to simei?
babygerl`: cos my cousin made me pregnant
babygerl`: so i need to move there
wxyz: huh?
babygerl`: ya my cousin he make me pregnant
babygerl`: i wake up i naked nia
wxyz: then?
babygerl`: then after a few weeks i saw my tummy become like so big then i go take test then pregnant niazzz
wxyz: ur parent dont know?
babygerl`: haha they dunno i wear pregnant clothes then pretend it is in fashion
wxyz: but u movev they no ask?
wxyz: u wanna abort the baby?
babygerl`: no
babygerl`: i scared they suck the baby out
wxyz: then how u born the baby
wxyz: the whole world will know then
babygerl`: haha u got watch movie or not
babygerl`: babygerl`: go hide lor
wxyz: :S
wxyz: u must b kidding
babygerl`: haha no i not kidding la
babygerl`: i moving with my cousin to simei so we can give birth then raise baby up
wxyz: how can u get a birth cert if both of u not married n u r still under age//
babygerl`: haha we not registering the baby
babygerl`: we giving birth in my room
wxyz: so danger?
babygerl`: ya
babygerl`: i not scared la
babygerl`: why scared
wxyz: okok
babygerl`: u know my friend got std and mouth disease and yeast infection this guy he still want her to do blowjob
wxyz: then?
babygerl`: then the guy get std and everything lor
babygerl`: see the guys so desperate nowadays
wxyz: : ic....
wxyz: so u always oral with ur bf also?
babygerl`: no i no bf
wxyz: ur cousin
babygerl`: o that one not my bf
babygerl`: that one is a fucker
wxyz: :S
babygerl`: ya he fuck his own cousin also inhuman one la
wxyz: but u let him fuck also
babygerl`: i never let him fuck la he fuck me when i sleeping la stupid

Guys are dumb. After an hour of telling him what happened, he still got it all wrong. Sex desperados. Somemore already 32 years old. I bet he's already married!! Out to take advantage of young teenagers.

(Attitude changes)

ravind: hi
babygerl`: hi
ravind: asl pls?
babygerl`: no thx
ravind: whtever

Reject a introduction if you're asked by a obviously-a-sex-despo.

(How to end a conversation)

asianguy: hello
asianguy: asl?
babygerl`: 12 years old bisexual
asianguy: oic
asianguy: tats young
babygerl`: ya
asianguy: where are u from?
babygerl`: i am singapore
asianguy: oic
asianguy: nice to know u
asianguy: where u stay?
babygerl`: i am from bedok
asianguy: i;m from tiong bahru
asianguy: hws ur new year?
babygerl`: i see i see it is ok thank you
asianguy: welcome
asianguy: schooling?
babygerl`: ya
asianguy: hobbies?
asianguy: girls schooli?
babygerl`: ya
asianguy: oic
asianguy: so not going out?
asianguy: do u carry hp?
babygerl`: yes
asianguy: are u a open minded girl?
babygerl`: no
babygerl`: i very close minded

Answer his question stupid-ly. (Are guys interested in bisexuals nowadays?Are guys interested in bisexuals nowaday?)

Beware of leecherous perverts around!
Especially in parks!!!! (Thadsha should know this!!!! HAHAHAHA)
End of post =)

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