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Monday, February 04, 2008


steamboat steamboat..

School was alright today, except for the few times of urine urgency again!
(I think it's coming back, BECAUSE OF THADSHAAYINIY WOMAN!!!!!!)

Recess was SOOOO DAMN funny okay!

We were practically laughing at everyone who walked past us!
Everyone looked like monk, monkeys, pandas, ant-eaters, giraffe and many more!!

Heheehehehe, after school I saw this freaking cute guy sitting at the table wearing home clothes talking to some teacher from PRCS.

Okay la, not very cute.. But then I just find him kinda cute!!!!

Anyway, breast and I went to Whitesands to eat our cowboy noodle again.

After using the disgusting vegetables to enhance my noodle taste, I threw away the vegetables and Breast just insisted on taking a picture with the beautiful garden I had created:


Looks perfect...... HEHEHEE.

I don't know why Whitesands let china people rule over the 1st storey!

When you enter Whitesands, the first thing you will see are China stores!
(eg. food, accessories, necklace)

Last week, I approached one of the stall vendors and asked for the price of this "not very pretty but average looking" necklace.

I could find this anywhere at Bugis Street for a few bucks, but they were selling it at $14.90!!
Somemore it's china quality!!

But anyway, the food was pretty cheap so we bought malt candy.

I just miss those secondary 1 days when we will all go Downtown east and buy the $1 malt candy!! :)

Here's how the ORIGINAL malt candy looks like:

Sticky but YUMMY!

Instead of taking a bus home, we decided to walk to Downtown east.

I saw the new route to the park and Breast agreed to explore it!!

It is beautiful can?! =)
It's very...... peaceful, very quiet yet interesting at the same time.

A very very clean route.

I like the shelter houses because there're plants growing on top of them!!

Pond! (Couples can sit on the benches and enjoy.... mosquito bites)

There were a few bangalas hiding behind the bushes like some animals..

They looked at us as if they haven't seen any human being before in their whole life!!!
The way they stared at us was like an owl preying on a mouse or something..

And we spend 30 minutes laughing at their retarded faces AGAIN!!!!!! HEHEHE =)

Breast spending some time with nature.. THINKING ABOUT NATURE. Ahem.

Scotching sun... (unedited)

And here's the edited version by ME, GLADYS THE GLAMOROUS. MUHAHAHA!
(Don't bother using this picture without crediting me, because i've put my link in it!! :P)

It's kinda cool to get exposed to nature sometimes. Clear your mind, argh.

Singapore's...... HOT!

We walked further to the isolated part of the park, and SAW A CHIPMUNK!


It ran until as if there's no tomorrow.

There were a lot of yellow and blue birds flying around, and the sea breeze was blowing gently to our face...... Ahhhhh......


Cos it was low tide, then there were a lot of birds in the sea trying their luck to catch some fishes. I wanted to scare the flamingos but I remembered watching the "7 Sisters Ocean" when I was primary 3 about this young woman committed suicide in the sea, so I didn't dare to go near the sea anymore. Hehehehe =)


I wanted to bring home but.................. so soggy and I was afraid there would be some living retarded corpse in it.. =(

So we walked to the bus stop and parted there.

While walking home, there were 3 retarded malay people behind me.

Just cannot leave me alone in peace one you know!
They suddenly came beside me and look at me and started to walk faster than me.

I was wondering was it some kinda MINAH marathon?!

The girls dressed like prostitutes and I gave them the "Fuck off bitches" looks.
But due to the lack of brain cells in their brain, they didn't get it and started scaring the other Hai Sing Catholic students.

Seriously, these malay people have nothing else better to do.

Why don't they just fuck their own mother cibai and rest in pleasure? =)

Oh ya, and before I forget, here's a backview of them.
(Just in case you meet these three assholes, you'd know what to do)

Something to note, the white shirt guy is dating the yellow girl.
So if you're pretty enough, you can bitch the guy and get the girl really really jealous.

The middle one's just an extra one.

So if any fat pigs want her, you can take her too =)

Hope they're reading this.

And yes, I'm defaming you these two whores and that bastard.
What goes around comes around..... yeah?

"dont you think it's time you remove your private picture?" (breast referring to the private photo I had in friendster)
"I was hoping for you to say that. Give me some time to do that..."

Sigh, my heart is in a mess.

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