Contact lens!

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm such a drama queen!

I was screaming away when I couldn't take out my contact lens.

It was alright for the putting in part.
But when it comes to the TAKING OUT PART, I can't feel my contact lens at all!!!!!

It's only my eyeballs and I can't possibly pluck/pinch/squeeze my eyeballs out!

I'm getting a phobia of contact lens.

Okay, but I really want to be spec-less.

In the end, I scratched my contact lens in despair and it created a hole in my contact lens.

4 March
I learned how to take it out!
(Without scratching it)

So much for being drama queen.

Got so depressed and broke down when I saw......... ARGH.

I'm fucking sick of this fuckety thing okay.
Hello, same things don't look very nice hor!!!

I'll try to avoid talking to her.

5 March
Had a crazy class cheer practice!!
Virgin Mary, Flower, Beats, Moonlight Bay.. TOTALLY COOL.

And I misssssssssssss him so much =)
Stupid sailing and stuffs.. -.-

ANYWAY, Thadsha breasty and I went Bedok interchange to grab a bite.
The chicken rice is only 2 bucks but the soup taste like....... detergent.

My $2 chicken riceeeeeeee

(Picture removed because Thadshayiniy thinks that she looks retarded in the picture)
Trying to suck the juice of the chilli sauce

We walked around there and entered a few shops that sell: Nice stiletto pumps, flats, shades (marykate olsen's shades rules), nice earrings, nice mirrors (anna sui!)

The shop, Sinma sells nice shades!
Especially those oversized ones!!!! (Mary-Kate Olsen super uber duper love)

Thadsha picked a few oversized shades for me to try, and it was super pretty!

A red oversized shades caught my attention, and so far, that's my favourite shades!!

The first time I saw MaryKate Olsen wore those oversized shades while holding her starbucks cup, I was like wondering, "Fuck. When can I wear this? My spectacles. Argh. "

The most I could do at that point of time was to try shades but I'll have to take off my spectacles............ (The very first time with Jiawen =))


I can now wear contact lens and wear shades at the same time!!

Say byebye to my retarded spectacles.
Argh =)

Okay, I'll need to buy (while shopping) :

-2in1 waterproof black liquid eyeliner (used up my brown one :( )
-A sporty-looking shoulder bag
-A pair of stiletto pumps
-Maybe that anna sui look-a-like mirror
-Screen protector for my camera
-Contact lens
-That red oversized shades

Hehe, I guess that's it! :D

Alright.. I need to plan how I'm going to spend my March holidays!!!

Lovee all of you =)
(Haha, touched yeah?)

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE MY TIE?!
Well, it's pretty hot!!!

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