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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Haha, yes I'm feeling pretty down nowadays.

Why does it have to happen everything before examinations?

I'll be so goddamn sensitive if I'm down.
I'm feeling so awkward.
Hate it hate it hate it.

Whatever it is, I think I really really need a break from everything.
I want to go Malaysia and enjoy my life to the fullest and then, come back to Singapore.

Only then I will be happy, I guess.

I don't know why I'm feeling so fucked up now, BUT most probably it's just the stress from all the MYExaminations.

I don't know what the world's up to nowadays.

As what I just said, it's just stresss!!!!

Anyway, my brother received two MMS from my aunt and here it is!

My baby cousin. (SHE!)

Runs in the blood, yeah?
My cousin love Hello Kitty just like me =)

Okay, after watching some videos sent by my friend I feel so happy now!!!!!!

Thank you RYAN TSE(:

My brother and I laughed our ass off after watching the "ten ten ten" Japanese video!!!


A butterfly in my school! Super pretty right =)

Anyway yesterday after our MT paper 1, I went to the library with Charmaine and waited for Jiawen to finish her Maths Supplementary.


Jiawen came out then we took the bus to Whitesands and ate our lunch at Burger King.

Yup, then walked around and buy a pink hair stick at Ayies.
There're pencils sticks but it cost around $4.90 each lor!

Then went to Kopitiam and Jiawen started doodling and sleeping.

HEHE, then breasty called me but my battery died!

Last night, I had a really bad sore throat so Mum decided that it was really time to see the doctor.

And today, I didn't go for the SS supplementary because I went to see the doctor!
(Haha, its true la Zena and Danette!)


I bought Hello Kitty tissues, a pouch and a water bottle.
Super cheap.

Mum came back and brought back French Fries lor!!!!!

When my brother wasn't looking, I grabbed a few french fries..
(Okay, not a few, but A LOT)

Anyway, I think I got pretty carried away today so I HAVE TO START REVISING TOMORROW!

Okay, I love everyone.

And as for him................
I do not want to make any comments.

What I really need now, is a goodnight rest.


"When one is feeling down, they really need support from their friends. But somehow instead of supporting................ Nevermind."


Funny funny funny =)

Dear Ah Beng,

I just entered NS and all my bunk mates disturb me because I brought my bear-bear with me to camp! Very shyful, I know, but I cannot sleep without bear-bear! How do I get to stop them from calling me an Ah Quah?


Dear Cuddles,

Easy. You must talk more and more to bear-bear, and try not to blink when you do. Also, keep muttering things to yourself like, "Bear-bear, if anyone comes between me and you, I will rip out their lum par with my teeth. And then I will drink their family's blood." Definitely also start doing things like howling at the moon and writing "666" on your forehead in Kiwi. Soon, your bunk mates won't be calling you an Ah Quah anymore. They may be calling you a psycho fuck, but what the hell, maybe you'll even be downgraded for it!

Ah Beng

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