PRCS students on Straits Times Stomper.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Student chomps on burger in train

Picture removed.
(Because one of them is my friend which, I didn't know <_<)>

I was browsing through when I stumble upon this article.

The description was:
STOMPer Dee saw this secondary school student on the left eating her burger in the train on Apr 1.

"She was having burger, fries and drinks. At the moment the picture was taken she was eating her burger," said the STOMPer.

happy5263 said on 6 Apr 2008,
these gals should be brought to the front of school assembly and be given public caning!

StarFire said on 04 Apr, 2008
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary??

hellrider61 said on 05 Apr, 2008
maybe they wake up late for school so in the hurry just buy burger for a quick bite & look at the way she eat so hungry .

StompSIN said on 04 Apr, 2008
Which school? i want those girls spanked

flamethrower said on 04 Apr, 2008
What school is not important... It's only factual that nowadays many school girls don't behave. Probably the effect of westernisation.

Oh well...............

The lesson is:
Be careful of people who take pictures of you!!!!

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