A time to heal.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

There was a time when you loved,
There came a time when you hated,
There was a time when you felt you wanted to kill,

Now is the time for you to heal.

There was a time you were broken down,

Now is the time to build yourself up.

There was a time when you were at war in your being ,

And now, is the time to restore peace within.

-Justice Tay Yong Kwang read this adaptation of a Biblical passage, To Everything There Is A Season, just before passing sentence on national serviceman Dave Teo Ming yesterday.

I like this quote.

It really explain the meaning of life =)

Everyone will go through unhappy and happy times, and always, there'll be a period of time for them to heal....

Regardless of relationships, careers or loss of a loved one.

Time will heal the wound.

But now, it's a time for me to heal.......
and to restore peace within.

Sometimes, we should just cherish people around us rather than concentrating on those who are not around us..

P/s: I like the mini icecream and cupcake a lot, Trisha. Thanks! :D

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