Emotional? Goddamnit!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miss Koh was right about those who chose circle! - emotional, sensitive, peace keeper


There was something going on, and I got so angry.

There were so many problems going on today, that I swear I was going to break down.

Firstly, Amos kept showing me the ( . )( . ) sign.
Secondly, Weifeng keep telling me he loves me.
And many more!

Anyway, everything's been solved now.

I'm really glad, and things WILL remain this way.

See what Weifeng wrote on his blog on that day when we went studying at SuperDog!

Gladys -> playing with phone/ dancing / climbing over sofa/ embarrassing me/ eating /taking pictures/ playing with specs

Thadsha ->
Playing with phone / shouting / eating / making a fool out of herself/ retarding/

Leon ->
being sad / calling shaun / studied maths at the start / calling somebody (fuck you)/ PSP/ disturbing thadsha / eating

Amos ->
PsP / hitting me / Eating / study awhile / disturbing me /

Eddy ->
PSP / Eat/ PSP / Go arcade / PSP / disturbing / PSP /

Shanice ->
Talk/Learned Trigo / Talk/Sms/Talk/Shopping/Talk/

Jessie ->
Really Studied / sms/ shopping / talk

Cherry ->
Late / Studied / Scream / Go crazy

Me ->
Listen to Music / Talk / Walk Around / Getting disturbed by amos / See the 2 crazy retards go crazy / and of course studied (I lied)

it was fun anyway. gladys is still a total embarassment to me .

I love you all. (I lied) [inside joke]

Lol, can't help but laugh!!

They were there for me when I was so goddamn angry today,

(Except SOMEONE. Everyone in 3/5 knows who I hate very well :p)


Alright, gotta go.

I'm going to to buy a backpack later and then study Physics with my darling Thadsha breasty @ Starbucks ;P


Study on Saturday

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today, we went back to school at around 9am for Literature supplementary classes.

I met Jessie under my block and we walked to school.

Ms Shelia :D
Apparently, we had lessons in the canteen but the people had to clean the floor so Ms Shelia had to conduct the lesson in the classroom.

Immediately, everyone fell asleep in class!!

So it's been proven that students should start having lessons in the canteen!

Anyway, I rushed back for tuition afterwards.
It was my very last lesson with my tuition teacher and I'll miss her a lot :(

Most probably I'll be joining Thadsha's tuition next year for the upcoming O levels.

Okay, went to E-hub to study with Jessie, Weifeng, Amos, Terence and met Shanice and Adonis later.

Lunch @ Buddy Hoagies with Jessie & Weifeng

"Hmm, I feel like drinking something eh.."


Spaghetti for Student meal only at $5.90!!

Perfect for dating

Buddy Hoagies!

Anyway, there was this girl who was also from PRCS once, she gave Jessie a free drink - Ice lemon tea as Jessie didn't order anything!

So nice!!!! :D

Ahem, ya normal for the picture below.

Studied at Superdog!

After 5 hours later, Terence came.

We were supposed to meet at 2.45pm.

Anyway, we went to D' Marquee as they had this Popular Sale going on!

It's quite alright though.
I wanna buy the piglet box leh, super cute!

Some books are also selling at $1 each.

After that, we went Pastamania for dinner!

Weifeng acting as Power Rangers!!

Hehe, I like the leaf...

What if I combine the Power Ranger and the leafy photo?




Hehe, okay.

Amos loves pointing his middle finger, I swear!!!!

I even dreamt about it.
I was walking past and he just lifted his middle finger up and pointed at me.


Anyway, these two girls were too shy for the camera~

Had a lot of fun today, thanks guys!! :D

I'm fucking glad Thadsha managed came back from Johor just now.
If not, I'll not be able to pull through the night.
HEHE, I need to confuse her with me tonight.


UPDATED. (After the uploaded photo of Weifeng hiding behind the leafy, Weifeng talked to me)



Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm gonna submit this to deviantart.

Okay, it's kinda crappy, but it's still cool to me though.


Alright, I'm going to sleep now.

There're so many so many things on my mind right now!!!!!!!

It has increased more ever since Thadsha and I talked about it at our 'playground'.



Why can't I see?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't usually blog that LATE in the weekdays but I just feel a need to...

I've been feeling so crappy inside these few days, just can't vent my unhappiness anywhere.
I don't want to be a wet blanket or so.

I just feel so down. Argh.

Is there anything that can make you happy?
I don't know what to say to make it better
Seeing you like this, down and hurt so badly
When you have been so kept together

What's this?
All this time I thought you didn't need me
Now I've gone from you and now you tell me

You're in love, but that's not what it was
All those times that passed by with no signs
And now you're telling me
You miss me, boy why couldn't I see?
And my heart don't agree with what you're telling me

You were nonchalant, strong, and unaffected
And you never wanted me to be there
I never saw your heart, that's how close you kept it
So right now I'm so unsure how to care

What's this?
All this time I thought you didn't need me
Now I've gone from you and now you tell me

No attention was given
No affection from you to heal the hurt
I was hoping
I was wishing
Just to listen and to hear those words

You're in love, but that's not what it was
All those times that passed by with no signs
And now you're telling me
You miss me, boy why couldn't I see?
And my heart don't agree with what you're telling me

And yeah, that's what I'm feeling right now.

Okay, I like this phrase.


EOY's coming and that's the reason why I'm feeling so down. (maybe..... not.)

There's so many things I've to revise.
Chemistry, Geography, Maths.

And these days, I've been staying up pretty late to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Ahhhhh, stresss!!!!!!!


I have this dream inside of me

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is real,
This is me,
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now.

Hehe, that was from Camp Rock's song.

Juz so you know, Demi Lovato has got her own Youtube account,

And it's really really her account.

If you don't know who the hell she is, she's the lead female actress in Camp Rock!
AND SHE'S 100X better than that Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana, oh whateverrrrr.

Yesterday, I bought a pink file as I wanted to use it as my study file.
Yes, solely for studying only.

Hehe, I love the file a lot, because the way you take the worksheets out is fucking cool!!!

Anyway, I dreamt that I've got a lot of awesome clothes!!!!
Arghhhhh, it's time to save up..

Anyway, I'm doing this survey that I can get 20 bucks for it.

I can save money more already, so that I can get my hands on pretty clothes!!!

Later, I'll be going studying with Thadshayiniyyyy.
Hehehehe =)


A retarded post on a retarded day

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I keep thinking that today's a Friday.

Oh well, tomorrow is!
Hehe, I failed to follow my time-table and that was expected :P

Anyway, cheer up Gina!! :D

Today, I realised I haven't been out to shopping with my baby darling friends for quite awhile.

(after exams, duh)

And yes, my beloved cousin tagged on my tagboard, I MISS HER TOO!
It's been quite sometime since we last saw each other.

Anyway, while Thadsha and I were buying food at the interchange, the auntie asked me whether I wanted 'la jiao', which is chilli in chinese.

SHE MISTAKEN IT AS LANJIAO. (cock in hokkien)

Arghhhhh, super funny hehe :)

And that retarded Weifeng always laugh and lie on the floor when I use my stapler and shoot at him.

Ok, that's all.

I'm very sleepy.

Since there's no school tomorrow..

Oops, there is.


I haven't update my blog in 8 days

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay, I swear I'm so so so so so so so so tired right now.

But still, I really want to update my blog, so yep.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I went out with the other half of my breast (Thadshayiniy) , so that day was really fun okay!!!

In the afternoon, I went to eat lunch at Jack's Place with......

  • Thadsha
  • Cherry
  • Jessie
  • Jeslyn
  • Weifeng
  • Terence
  • Amos
  • Leon
  • Shaun

But before that, I met Jessie earlier and we went to Eunos and bought my contact lens.

Thank you Jessie!!!!!! :D

Weifeng say I look like a cat but........... WHATEVER.

Anyway Thadsha and I brought our own clothes to change and before the train started moving, we already started taking photos in the MRT -_-

Hehe, we took the train and walked around Orchard.

There was this DKNY event and I THINK they were giving out free samples.
I called Thadsha to go over there and I THINK I jumped TOO enthusiastically.

They were like, "Hey both of you, so excited liddat. Come up and join the event! Can win great prizes!!"

Seriously, it made my heart stopped for a moment!!!!

I wanted to the DKNY perfume, but then Thadsha pulled me away and we kept laughing non-stop.

Hehe later, we went Starbucking!!

I love stalking her

My breast friend looks sexy here :)

We walked to Fareast Plaza, and entered Sheer Romance, where they sell lingeries and stuffs.

I want to get a beach dress okay :)

This is from Sheer Romance

We visited three beachdress shop, and the last one was absolutely the best!!!!!

God knows the name of the shop, but they designed all their dresses themselves.

I was completely in love with the beach dress (not above) that Thadsha and I spend almost 1 hour in that shop lor!!

Somemore, the saleslady was very patient and she was super nice can!!

After that, we decided that it was time to catch a glimpse of....... things outside.
Oh well, HEHE :)

Okay, the reason why she put that heart there was that her whole breast came out


We exchanged shades for a day! hehe :)


Hehe, brown eyed girl

Pole dancing

Deep in thoughts

Like what I said, toilets = the best place!

Older photos:

I'm the fattest here, enough said.


Shanice's pretty handbook :D

JESSIE AND JOMANDA pierced their ears!!!!!!
(on top)
Argh, so fucking jealous of them.

Thadshayiniy, you're going with me this November holiday.
Best is when I pierce during my birthday, hehehe.

Anyway, my goal for these two months is that I will be 45kg!!
(actually 46kg will suffice)

I AM FAT :'(

Here are my victims whom I've asked whether I'm fat once or many times:

  • ChingHsia: 1 time
  • Jiale: 1 time
  • Jiawen: 1 time
  • Jessie: 1 time
  • Shanice: 1 time
  • Cherry: 2 times
  • Gina : 2 times
  • Eddy: 3 times
  • Amos: 5 times
  • Terence: 6 times
  • Shaun: 8 times
  • Weifeng: More than 30 times
  • WINNER GOES TO..........
    (an average of 2 times a day, which means 60 times a month, and 720 times a year!!!!!)

Mrs Ong changed my seat to the back, where terror stalks.

And I was almost late for school today and yesterday.

Gotta complete all my maths homework this weekend, YEAH!
Gotta lose 1 kg this weekend, YEAH!
Gotta laugh at twits comments, YEAH!
Gotta revise my chemistry, YEAH!
Gotta sleep................. Now.


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