I haven't update my blog in 8 days

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay, I swear I'm so so so so so so so so tired right now.

But still, I really want to update my blog, so yep.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I went out with the other half of my breast (Thadshayiniy) , so that day was really fun okay!!!

In the afternoon, I went to eat lunch at Jack's Place with......

  • Thadsha
  • Cherry
  • Jessie
  • Jeslyn
  • Weifeng
  • Terence
  • Amos
  • Leon
  • Shaun

But before that, I met Jessie earlier and we went to Eunos and bought my contact lens.

Thank you Jessie!!!!!! :D

Weifeng say I look like a cat but........... WHATEVER.

Anyway Thadsha and I brought our own clothes to change and before the train started moving, we already started taking photos in the MRT -_-

Hehe, we took the train and walked around Orchard.

There was this DKNY event and I THINK they were giving out free samples.
I called Thadsha to go over there and I THINK I jumped TOO enthusiastically.

They were like, "Hey both of you, so excited liddat. Come up and join the event! Can win great prizes!!"

Seriously, it made my heart stopped for a moment!!!!

I wanted to the DKNY perfume, but then Thadsha pulled me away and we kept laughing non-stop.

Hehe later, we went Starbucking!!

I love stalking her

My breast friend looks sexy here :)

We walked to Fareast Plaza, and entered Sheer Romance, where they sell lingeries and stuffs.

I want to get a beach dress okay :)

This is from Sheer Romance

We visited three beachdress shop, and the last one was absolutely the best!!!!!

God knows the name of the shop, but they designed all their dresses themselves.

I was completely in love with the beach dress (not above) that Thadsha and I spend almost 1 hour in that shop lor!!

Somemore, the saleslady was very patient and she was super nice can!!

After that, we decided that it was time to catch a glimpse of....... things outside.
Oh well, HEHE :)

Okay, the reason why she put that heart there was that her whole breast came out


We exchanged shades for a day! hehe :)


Hehe, brown eyed girl

Pole dancing

Deep in thoughts

Like what I said, toilets = the best place!

Older photos:

I'm the fattest here, enough said.


Shanice's pretty handbook :D

JESSIE AND JOMANDA pierced their ears!!!!!!
(on top)
Argh, so fucking jealous of them.

Thadshayiniy, you're going with me this November holiday.
Best is when I pierce during my birthday, hehehe.

Anyway, my goal for these two months is that I will be 45kg!!
(actually 46kg will suffice)

I AM FAT :'(

Here are my victims whom I've asked whether I'm fat once or many times:

  • ChingHsia: 1 time
  • Jiale: 1 time
  • Jiawen: 1 time
  • Jessie: 1 time
  • Shanice: 1 time
  • Cherry: 2 times
  • Gina : 2 times
  • Eddy: 3 times
  • Amos: 5 times
  • Terence: 6 times
  • Shaun: 8 times
  • Weifeng: More than 30 times
  • WINNER GOES TO..........
    (an average of 2 times a day, which means 60 times a month, and 720 times a year!!!!!)

Mrs Ong changed my seat to the back, where terror stalks.

And I was almost late for school today and yesterday.

Gotta complete all my maths homework this weekend, YEAH!
Gotta lose 1 kg this weekend, YEAH!
Gotta laugh at twits comments, YEAH!
Gotta revise my chemistry, YEAH!
Gotta sleep................. Now.


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