Obama, Obama

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In exactly one week, we have a very real chance of electing Barack Obama the next President of the United States.


He keeps sending me emails...


Sorry, I can't possibly donate US$5 to you just to nominate you, but I can show my support though!! Hehe :)

Lol, Jiawen says that assassins are planning to kill him.

Okay, they are just stupid okay, Obama will be a good leader okay.
Lalala :D


Random post; Boredom

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Re: Acer Product Enquiry Form

Hi Gladys

Thanks for your enquiry and I'm sorry to inform you that currently there is no advise from our management yet on whether is the Coral Pink be bringing in to Singapore at this moment yet.
We appologies for any inconvience caused.

Thanks & Best Regards
ACS Marketing Team
Jaime HO

I sent a email to the Acer's website, asking whether they'd have Acer AspireOne in singapore anytime soon, but guess not!
(Seriously, what's with the spelling? LOL)

Anyway, I've already got a new notebook, 4 hours already, still got a lot of battery! Hahaha :)
I love it a lot, more than any notebooks/laptops in the world!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, and my baby pink mouse is damn cute!!
(see previous post)

Webcam photo:


New notebook!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last night, when I came back home, I was in for a nice surprise!!!!

Small and sleek :)
I love it! :D

Pink mouse~

Extra thumbdrive that Daddy had bought for me

Hung a cute stufftoy on my thumbdrive :)


Today's been a very hurting day for me :(

I hate today.


Michael's Birthday

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm sick and I'm watching Vasantham now!

Lol, because my father's not here lor.
Just now he saw me watching that channel, and he say, "LAME LA, U UNDERSTAND MEH?"

Lol, but quite interesting to watch what!!
Deepavali Eve Live eh!

Anyway, yesterday was Michael's birthday.
Thadsha and I dressed until too formal already..

But it was a PARTY WHAT!!

Hehe, anyway I stole a few pictures from Thadsha's blog!
(Been to lazy to take pictures these days..)

Camwhore @ the bus stop :)

While the guys watched LOL

OooOps, Robson smashed the cake! Haha, no laa :)

Lit the candles.

Shaun is in charge of carrying the cake, LOL!

They tried surprising Michael with their dance and saying 'Kao PEH!" in the end.

But the dance was like.. hitting their knees?? LOL.

The cake was very nice, and it was S$50+!!!
Paid by Terence, haha.

Ate 2 plates of it :X

Then, we watched Terence's pirated Feast II, which was filled with gore and blood and everything, and mucus, and monsters humping on cats and monsters eating human beings upper body parts when they were having sex.


Anyway, back to photos.

I wanna ride the bike!! :(
(Weifeng and his MTV SHIRT!)

Breasty and me :)

Hot car. But i don't know what model. So just anyhow pose. hehe.

Amos wants to be in the picture too!

After the party, Dukes (Thadsha's brother) picked us up and drove me home.

Thank you!

Camwhored in the car, but his brother keep swerving around so we kept laughing non stop!!

Her brother and me :)

Me, Breastyy

I just did face mask!!

Haha, okay la. I wanna log off already. It's late already, goddamnit.

I have to get rid of the dark circles and eyebags :(


3 Happy things!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm gonna stay at home until 4.30pm today. I'm wearing a tight grey shirt, and my adidas red shorts.

I'm gonna stare at the mirror.

I'm gonna go on a diet damnit!!!!!!

I put on weight already lor!
Even though I haven't check yet, but can feel!!!!

Right now, I'm gonna follow a diet, so I'll let you guys know whether it works out ok!!

hehehee :)


I sold off my brown tube dress/top, because I really don't know where to wear it to.
And it's brand new!

So Leon was lecturing me about the rules of accounts that we cannot sell at a loss blah blah blah.
But I've already kept it for so long, so I shouldn't sell it at the same price what.

Hehe, the customer was very nice, so the transaction went off well.

I was expecting her to tell my father that I get distracted easily, and talk alot in class cannot stop.

Surprisingly, she told my father that I'm a very responsive and responsible girl!!!!!


My father was also surprised :x

Lalalalaa, okay. I wanna go offline now.
But before that, I'll upload some photos first from yesterday =)
(not in order)

I swear this photo is the most embarrassing one ever!!
We were taking photos then the lift door opened and everyone were smiling at us!! ARGH.

Aaron angry :( Thadsha and I tried cheering him up~

She love licking her handphone -.-

Breasty and me! And.... people behind? LOL ;)

3 of us ;D

Imitation of corpse bride


Bitchy scandalous picture :P

Thadsha and I at Long John Silver :)

While buying present for Michael, we took a photo in the shop!

House Bunniesss

Laugh out loudd

See the shopping bags? tsktsk.

This picture make me look drunk, somemore with that shirt!

Me and Thadshayiniy



U know, I wanna upload the pictures badly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I know, my blog's been too wordy lately.

I reassure you guys will see a better post with so many photos like it used to, okay?
It's just that I'm so lazy to upload pictures.

Anyway, yesterday was very fun!
Cherry and I went to eat lunch at KFC with Aaron, Amos, Weifeng and the 2/9 boys.

Met the 3/9 boys - Jun Hao, Ben bok, Chu En on the bus, so all of us went to KFC together.

After eating, the 2/9 boys left except for Amos and Aaron.
All of us talked at KFC, and ended up deciding to go to Ben Bok's house -.-

We went up to Challenger, Jiawen came and met us.

After that, we went to Ben Bok's house.

Haha, the guys played the playstation game, while the girls played cards.
I was having gastric pain (i think) so badly, that I couldn't even sit!!

But despite the pain, I won 2 rounds of game!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha, I like the game - Bluff.

So easy to trick people..

And Jiawen tried to win but ended up saying the most ridiculous thing ever.

"15 10!"

Cherry then said, "There's no 15 cards of 10's!!"

Haha, exposed.

After that, we left Ben Bok's house and went home :)

Now, I will take off my contact lens, and update tomorrow!

Haha, oops~



Thursday, October 23, 2008

OMG, the song "LoveBug" By Jonas Brothers is damn nice!!!!!!!

Enjoy :)

Anyway, I'm gonna sell off my brown dress, and YEAH, I HAVE GOT A CUSTOMER!
So damn happy, hope I'll receive my money tomorrow ;)

Certain guys can be such a shithead! Tsktsk.


Notebook craze

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Omg omg omg, I don't know which one to choose.

It's either the Acer AspireOne white notebook, or the Lenovo pink S10 notebook!!

White Acer!

Pink Lenovo :)

Size is around the same, but the the Lenovo's got bluetooth while Acer don't :(

Aaron say it's too small to play Dota!!
Lol, I'm a girl, I don't play that game.
(Okay, I've tried once or twice)

And how do I get it?

I must go through the PTM first, then MAYBE my father will buy, sigh.

Oh well :(

Sorry for not updating recently, I really want the new laptop!! :(


It's screwed up in IE.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man, my blog is screwed up in IE.


Anyway, Firefox is much better and more popular than IE already lor.
So dump your ugly looking IE and go for Firefox! Hehe.

Today, I ate so much food that I think I'm going to be fat very very soon.

OH YA, I have to slim down before Halloween (:

Hmm, haven't really plan what to wear on that day.......
Thadsha suggested tube top, but I want to dress as Snow White.

I've got this red headband, which makes me look like Snow White!
(Okay I'm quite thick skin)

The problem is that, I'm not fair.

Okay blah blah whatever, I wanna go eat steamboat already.



The transformation!

Sunday, October 19, 2008




It's so unusually bored and tired today, sigh.
I wanna drink bubble tea!


Out with JW and new layout!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's 3.38am and I'm still not asleep :)

As you can see, I've changed my layout!!!!!
I swear I love it a lot now, and it took me 2 hours to make it.

Hehe, I updated the 'about' section, and it looks much more neater now.
(Compared to the previous one, which was a whole chunk of words)

Anyway, I went out with Liu Jiawen today!

It was fun at first, but the mood went down because of..............
Haha, don't wanna mention it here :p

Here are the pictures:


"You look like you're licking the bras or something, LOL"

The delicious yet small $2 strawberry vanilla ice cream :(


I stared at this for 15 minutes while we missed 3 trains.

Tried finding for crocodiles but failed

I bought a new grey jacket today, because the yellow one I wore out today was such a turn off, ARGH.
So I called Jiawen to follow me to Bugis and buy first, and I bought it!
Happy happy :)

There were so many pretty sundresses, and it just made me think about the ones Thadsha and I tried at Fareast.

I think we wasted a lot of money on our transport fares today, just by taking the train to 3 different locations once or twice!
Haha, but thank god I'm using my brother's Ezlink card, shhhhh.

To Jiawen:
I understand what you're going through.. Don't worry! I didn't take it to heart okay. Smile and be yourself :) Love ya!!

Halloween's just around the corner!!!!
I swear I can't wait.

Thadshayiniy, you know what to do :)
(We have to plan what to wear!)


4am in the morning

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My blog's been with me for a good 4 years, so I guess it's time to dig out some stuffs...

I was looking through my Blogger photo album, until I saw this familiar pair of black shoes.

my favourite shoes

straight old hair

2/7 :(

haha, marinah and me :)

shopping with jiawen after chinese new year

crazy-ing with marinah lol

going ecp with thadsha heeh

Okay that was when I had straight hair and I was fucking twit

Skipping classes

Going toilets

Mrs evon

fucking lame photos

jiawen won eggs!

ECP with good friends

So yup, it's 4.15 am now. I should be off to bed now.


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