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Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm gonna stay at home until 4.30pm today. I'm wearing a tight grey shirt, and my adidas red shorts.

I'm gonna stare at the mirror.

I'm gonna go on a diet damnit!!!!!!

I put on weight already lor!
Even though I haven't check yet, but can feel!!!!

Right now, I'm gonna follow a diet, so I'll let you guys know whether it works out ok!!

hehehee :)


I sold off my brown tube dress/top, because I really don't know where to wear it to.
And it's brand new!

So Leon was lecturing me about the rules of accounts that we cannot sell at a loss blah blah blah.
But I've already kept it for so long, so I shouldn't sell it at the same price what.

Hehe, the customer was very nice, so the transaction went off well.

I was expecting her to tell my father that I get distracted easily, and talk alot in class cannot stop.

Surprisingly, she told my father that I'm a very responsive and responsible girl!!!!!


My father was also surprised :x

Lalalalaa, okay. I wanna go offline now.
But before that, I'll upload some photos first from yesterday =)
(not in order)

I swear this photo is the most embarrassing one ever!!
We were taking photos then the lift door opened and everyone were smiling at us!! ARGH.

Aaron angry :( Thadsha and I tried cheering him up~

She love licking her handphone -.-

Breasty and me! And.... people behind? LOL ;)

3 of us ;D

Imitation of corpse bride


Bitchy scandalous picture :P

Thadsha and I at Long John Silver :)

While buying present for Michael, we took a photo in the shop!

House Bunniesss

Laugh out loudd

See the shopping bags? tsktsk.

This picture make me look drunk, somemore with that shirt!

Me and Thadshayiniy


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