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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Before I'm going to update about today, I'm gonna update about yesterday!!

Yesterday, Amos, Jeslyn, Melanie, Leon, Robson, Terence, Shaun, and I went rollerblading at East Coast Park!

Haha, super fun as usual!

Robson trying to disturb Leon

OOps, angry already!

Hot burning sun

As usual, I forgot how to rollerblade, and I almost fell.

The lady there was very sweet, she helped me down the slope! :)

Rollerblade halfway, went to eat at Burger Kings.

Got a toy!!
(Named it "The Rabbit")

Cute hor??

Haha, Leon tried to talked to it, but The Rabbit didn't want to talk to him.

After that, we met Thadsha at Bedok Interchange to go to some block and eat.
Walao, the minced meat noodle is SUPER nice!!!!!!!! ARGH!

Have to go eat again, hehehe :)

Everyone paid to eat the noodle ;)

Went out with Jiale, it's been so long I went out with her!!!!!!!!!

It was fun, we laughed at weird people, then we reached Bugis.
Firstly, we went around to shop, and there were plenty of clothes all around!!

Super nice laa, I wanted to buy a dress, those sundresses I saw at Fareast Plaza, but I decided to save it for the next time, so we walked around to find the best bargain and the nicest clothes.

We walked for quite sometime, then I found a super super gorgeous nice black kimono, with a black tube top inside, so Jiale called me to buy it.

But in the end, we agreed to walk around to look around first.

Because later if I buy it and I like another top, my heart will be super pain okayy :(

So far, I didn't, but I went back and bought the kimono!!!

(Got lots of ideas to update our blogshop already ^^)

After that, we went to Bugis Junction and we took neoprints!
Very fun!

There were a lot of functions that we used for the very first time, so it didn't turn out nice lor :(

The phototaking process was very fun!!

Met her mother and her sister, and we ate at Yoshinoya, went home after that.

In the train, managed to take a photo! Hehe :)

Haha, she looks like she's gonna kiss me.

But anyway, thanks darling for the super fun day!!! :)

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