Back to school, again

Monday, January 05, 2009

Today is the first day of school.


I could have been spending my time playing SDO at home, rather than listening to what Mr Ong getting his doctor degree blah blah.

BUT, I still have to agree with the school that this year is totally work, no play at all.
Cannot afford to waste any more time.

This year I can't think of much resolutions.
New year, new start eh?

Wtf, life still goes on what.

Just that this year we've got O levels.

HAIZ, I miss Malaysia.
But my cousin refuses to help me buy the SDO reload card for me :(

Hate him.

And nabei, I become AV rep!!!
I thought it was more of a boy thing, but my whole class sabotaged me la!!

Thought that this year will be better as I can step down from those PA shit but NO, I can never get away from this PA fucking thing.

Still, it's so good to see my friends again.

I can't help but say this, "Amos, you really look like a KFC manager with the tie on. HAHAHA!"

Just joking, the boys look better with the tie on already.

I'm so lazy to post any photos nowadays, so most probably I'll do it someday.

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