Chinese New Year

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 days have passed and yes, I had fun collecting angpaos and eating steamboat or whatever so.

I wore the red dress that I had bought the day before Chinese New year eve(which is a little late), but it's really pretty with the tiny white floral prints!
Oh yeah, I'm kinda slow but my cousin Clarice knows how to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, next time if I'm stuck somewhere with broken heels or any other difficulties, I'll give her a call :D

Oh yeah, photos!!!!!

This guy is damn cute damn cute damn cute damn cute damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Found his photo inside one of the fashion magazines Evangeline had brought for her project.
He is so cute can!

Anyway, I look like shit in the photo below, so whateverrrrrrrrrrr.
(I just ate finish my steamboat and my makeup all smudged so yeah)

[Stole the photo from cousin jeremy :)]

Won't upload the other one coz I look like a total pig in it!

And sometimes, you have to camwhore a tiny little bit in life...........

Ok finished.

HAHA, oh yeah and here are the puppies!!!!!!

Black = Hiro
White = JayJay

Hiro beside me :)

Keep mixing up their names, so I keep calling Jayjay "Hiro" and vice versa.

Anyway, I had fun la~
I had fun with the Wii too!!!! Lol, though it's kinda retarded to play tennis with that.

The bowling one is better :)

That crazy woman scream until no voice already. LOL.

Get well soon darling!!!!!

And happy chinese new year, everyone :)

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