Satisfied Shopping! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally, I've cleared the burning sensation inside of me.
I've done ALL my shopping today DAMNIT! :D

Ok, I bought a red dress - $40.
And a lip gloss (Sally Hansen)- $10 [Special Offer]

Totally satisfied, coz last week, I went on a CNY with Jiale too :)

Hehe, here are some photos!
Took this photo at Thadsha's house before heading to Michael's house~

See she got back her old model! I'm so obsessed with it :D

Slacked around at Michael's house, before heading to TM and had our dinner there.

I love Michael's garden! You can feel the serenity around it...
The feeling is way awesome.

After that, it was shopping time!!!!
Quality time for Thadsha and I to shop for awhile for my CNY clothes.

Went to Emily's and tried a few dresses.


Later, we went to Mini Bits as she bought some jewelries for her mummy :)

After that, we went down to the basement as I went to Watsons and got myself a lip gloss!
The colour is damn nice (I tried it at home)

The colour just compliment asian's skin tone well lor :)

The glamorous part of this thing is the sparkling diamond! (super pretty)

Since we were walking home, and we had the right equipment with us.....
We decided to......................................


Haha, the rest of the not so glam photos are with Thadshayiniy :)

OH YEAH, when I got home, I saw a whole box of Ferrero Rocher on the table.

Guess what?
I've got a feeling that I'm going to turn fat this Chinese New year.

Not only that, my father was rolling my favourite pork floss snack..

Seriously, I'm turning fat la!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and some random photos ;)

2nd day of camp; Lunch date

Stupid random photo taken using my webcammy :D

That's me and Coach Luke ;)

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