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Monday, March 09, 2009

Alright, this will be a pretty long post............

I am going to blog about so many events that's been happening and I didn't have the time to blog about them!

I can't upload any photos onto FaceBook, don't know why when I try to, the whole window will just close down by itself!!!!!! Argh.


So yup, firstly I'll upload some photos from Marinah's 16th party, which is like a long time ago =_=

Midnight movie craze; I'm just not that into you!

I love them all :)

Haha, I was pretending to be tall :( In fact, I am so NOT.

There're a few more, but then they are all in my thumbdrive, so I'm kinda lazy to go get it now. Hehe.


GUESS WHO WE SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Edmund Chen, the mediacorp artiste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walao, his english is damn good in real life! He talk EXACTLY like an angmoh, and he's kinda charming though hehehehe.

Haha, maybe he's reading this, AND I WILL BE FAMOUS IF HE TAGS SO PLEASE TAG OK!

Anyway, he was exercising, stretching on the grass patch when we saw him..
So Cherry and I went to him and asked him if he wanted to donate some money~

He didn't bring any cash out though, so he rejected nicely.

After that, we walked away....
Then Cherry suddenly stopped and asked us, "You want his autograph?"
Thadsha: "WHAT?!"
Me: " OKAY!

Hehehe, so we took our notebook and approached him for his autograph, while Thadsha insisted on taking photos of us =_=


"Should we ask him??"

"Can help us sign?"


Photo time :D

Okay, even though he was perspiring a lot, but he still smell nice! Woooops.

Haha, so lucky to meet him around! ^^

We also had a free ride from a stranger, as we were kinda tired to walk to the hawker centre...
Surprisingly, he didn't reject at all :)

After that, we were to the library and wanted to discuss about the class cheer.
Well, initially.

But soon after that, everyone went home so we went home too.

Weifeng treated Jessie and me to Sushi Hei!
Haha, ate the delicious Udon but it was filling man.

When we got home, it rained super heavy la!!!!!
I was prepared already lor.. But the rain was so heavy that I couldn't see anything outside :(

Hehe, the rain lasted for about 30 minutes and it stopped!
Sunshine after rain :D

We met at Whitesands, and everyone's outfits were really formal and nice :)
(Except for Weifeng, UR MTV SHIRT DAMNIT!)

"New pic for your Facebook perhaps?"


Weifeng I hope JY sees this photo HAHA~

Pretty birthday girl :)

If this happens in reality, it will be so COOL HAHA.


Breast friend :D

Unglam moment of Weifeng

Shoes shoes shoes





In the end, our table was kinda messy...

Want to know what happen before that??


In the end, everyone grab the cakes and yea, resulting in the messiness!

Anyway, the girls for that night :)

Someday in the future, I'll be leading this high life ;)

I can only pose for it for the time being

Photoshoot session in progress

I love the background for this!! It's so stylish for both of us to camwhore ;)

Cherry and me in the middle of the pathway

After that, Cherry rushed home while the rest of us went to watch "Push".

I wanna have the power to put thoughts into people's mind..
But the eye part is quite scary, haha.


(Hehehehee Thadshayiniy ;))

Anyway, after the movie, it was kinda late so we went outside and took some photos :)

Haha, had fun on that day!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Gladys :)
It's been so long since I went town with Thadshayiniy :(

Today, 09 March 2009

Happy birthday Shaun!
Your chocolate Emicake was SUPER NICE I SWEAR!

Class cheer was a success today, most of the people turned up~
Managed to get the first part correct.

Hope that more people will turn up so we won't embarrass ourselves this friday!!

4 days left to Class Cheer;

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