I'm reaching my 400th post soon!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm reaching my 400th post really soon! (So long righttt)
All the memories I had can date back to 4 years ago..

Haha, and for the first time in my life, I'M GOING TO JOIN A BLOGGING CONTEST.
Hehe. Celebrate the pathetic anniversary of my blog!~

The theme is Fashion and I've already done up the whole draft so now it's only left with the photos!
Once I'm done with the "so called photo shoots," I will post the entry on my blog!

Anyway, yesterday (since it's already 1.50am) was really fun!
We cleaned the school staircase and railings! Made a whole mess, but Mdm Phyllis Tan just laughed and told us to use our mouth to blow the wet area!

There's this translucent board that covered the roof of my school's building and the bird happened to be on it, so I stopped and stared at the disgusting bird's feet. I swear the bird is so disgusting ARGH.

"Gladys stop staring at the bird and clean the railings!"

Anyway, my L1R4 totally sucked and I don't want to talk about it any further.
I don't even have the guts to show my parents my report book now :(

I pass all subjects...... except for MATHS.

You call the shots
While I stay up all night sleepless
It's so pathetic
I make myself sick


A good laugh at my friends :P

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Woah, whose that hot babe beside u, Amos??

Thadshayiniy getting a hot ride! And stop exposing ur body heheheh

Girl saves the day!

Me looking for precious treasures.. MONEY!

LASTLY, the hottest babe alive..........






I... Overslept!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walao, I overslept today!!

I was sleeping soundly until I felt vibrations from my handphone.
Picked up the phone then I realised it was 10am ++!!!

Oops, sorryyyyy.

So I went back to sleep until 2.15pm..

Anyway, I'm think I'm pretty slow, but I just saw this in Channel NewsAsia.

Singapore's first H1N1 flu case~


SINGAPORE has reported its first patient infected with the new A(H1N1) flu strain.

The patient, a 22-year-old Singaporean woman, had been in New York from May 14 to 24, and arrived here on Tuesday morning.

While seated in row 55 on Singapore Airlines flight SQ25, she began to develop a cough, but she passed the thermal scanner at the airport later without being stopped, because she did not have a fever at the time.

Later that morning, she went to a general practitioner who decided to send her to Tan Tock Seng Hospital via the special ambulance service 993 meant for suspected Influenza A (H1N1) cases.

Laboratory test confirmed her infection at midnight on Tuesday.

The patient is being treated at the TTH Communicable Disease Centre and is in stable condition.

The Health Ministry said the patient has been vigilant in monitoring her condition and had sought immediate medical attention once she realised she was unwell.

"Her attending GP, through his quick response in activating the 993 ambulance for the patient, had also helped to minimise the spread of infection from this case," said a ministry statement.


The ministry asked passengers who had been seated in rows 52 to 58 on the same flight to call its hotline on 1800-333 9999, so that its officers can check on their health condition.

Well, just in case you've got swine flu, haha.

While the Ministry of health is worrying about swine flu, I'm worried about getting fat!!

I just ate a lot of my Goldilocks's brownies... :(


Goldilocks's Brownies..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm addicted to Goldilocks's brownies!!!!!
They're so damn nice..

Have got a whole box of it at home right now, thanks to my dad -_-

Took a photo of my brownies and compiled into a collage :)

Hehe, Mum cut it into 8 pieces and I brought it to school today.
During break, I gave some to Thadsha and Cherry and I managed to finish the rest on my own!

Alright, I'm such a fatass..

After school, went to look for Mr Singh again BUT once again, he was outside.

So we went to Buddy Hoagies and ate our lunch there.
It's been really long since we ate there, so it was really fun, especially with Weifeng's dining ettiquette -_-

Since I'm home now, I might as well just do a few sets of past year chinese examination papers.

It's so hard!!! Argh.

Nvm, work towards your goal Gladys!

Oh yeah, I might be leaving for Malaysia next Friday night.
I can't wait to see...................

恩恩 En en(front) and Grandma(back)!

My Shredded Chicken Hor Fun 鸡丝河粉 at Old Town!

Fatty Bom Bom cousin, Ah Yee, and my cousin Ah Kit

My Aunt who loves my brother and I a hell lot

Taking photo of my fatty cousin's buttcrack. HAHAHA

A view from my hotel's balcony at night in Penang.

Flying handmade kites at the hotel's beach

Finding weird creatures

Oops, back to my chinese work.




Monday, May 25, 2009

I have been Twittering...

It's a great tool to help control my emotions when facing such situations..

Wanted to collect my handphone from Mr Singh today, but he was already outside school compound catching and preying on loitering kiddos.

"You have to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour for him."
"Huh!! So long."
"Ya, up to you lor. Want to wait or not."
"Don't want le la. Tomorrow then I come collect."

The auntie is damn evil.


I hate Sundays

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've just changed my blog url this afternoon, so just in case you were to go back to my old blog,
you guys would just see a black background and a photo of Thadshayiniy and me that links to this blog url :)

RELINK OKAY!!!!!!!!!!

Walao, I swear I hate Sundays.
I'll just have this deep, heavy feeling that I really feel uncomfortable with, damnit.

Something happened just now, and I just hate it hate it hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that someone came up with Blogger that allows me to vent all my anger on.


Okay, I'm crazy.

(Just 1 hour, 10 more minutes away ^^)

Muhahaha I look like his older sister

I'll upload more when I'm free, again.


Let me sleep in peace!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Argh, my weekends are ruined.

These past few weeks, the workers have been drilling and drilling and drilling the walls that this morning I could feel the vibration of it!!!!!!!!!!

And it's fucking noisy.

I really need my weekends to replenish my sleep lor :(

Ah, forget it.
I think I've gained a few pounds from yesterday.

After studying, (which I had already drank Caramel Frappe) we went to eat dinner at Tampines 1.

Later, Thadsha called me to go eat supper with her mum because of the delicious delicious brownie they were talking about.

Haha, so we went to Simpang Bedok and I ate noodle with tom yam soup, roti john, brownie with vanilla icecream and a cup of lychee juice!

Okay this supper is so killing me.
After they sent me home, my family was already preparing to go for supper (AGAIN) at Changi Village.

So I tagged along and just drank peach juice, heheh.

My workers: Eddy, Thadsha, Jiawen, Weifeng and myself.

LOL. I'm so sorry :X

Oh yeah, going to Leon's party later! :)


Many things to do

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi, it's 10 in the morning and I'm wide awake.

Well, I gotta leave my house pretty soon.
Gotta go get my contact lens and solution 'cos yesterday I flushed my expired contact lens down the toilet bowl last night. Damnit.

Anyway, happy belated birthday Kang Yan Mae!!!!!!!!
(Okay, it's so belated)

If anyone were to google your name, they will go to my blog first.
Hehe :)

快快长大,身体健康! ^^

*Another updated picture


Like finally.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

(pretty long)

I've changed my blogskin.
I've updated.
My laptop's screen is replaced with a new one.

I haven't return my library book.
I didn't eat anything except for a hashbrown and a cup of Caramel Frap yesterday.

Anyway, yesterday was our last paper.
Waited for so long for it, even though our Mother Tongue O levels paper is in June.

Thadshayiniy and I decided to go out to town since it's been SO LONGGGG since we stepped into town.

Initially, I wanted to make a vlog (video+blog) because I am damn lazy to blog nowadays, but it failed! (I wanna upload the video lehhhh, but I said too many things in it hehehe)

So I'll update with photos :)

Photos are not in order.

Can't see the blisters from Thadshayiniy's feet, haha!

After town, we took a cab down to Century Square and bought tix for the malay ghost movie.

When we came into the theater, the scary part was already there and when we were going to take our seat, everyone screamed and I sat on Cherry's legs and both of us scream together, LOL.

I hate the part when the wife was possessed and she was in the room.
It's damn freaky!!

Cherry was so scared until she cried, but after that she got better :)

We waited for the bus for quite sometime, and Amos missed his bus!!
Took bus 358 with Jessie, Cherry and Eddy. I was really scared to go up alone, so Jessie offered to sent me up to my door steps!
THANK YOU JESSIE!!!!!!!! I love you!

I swear I could have died if you weren't there.

It's never too good to watch a horror movie then go home alone, because somehow you will start imagining things!


Anyway, here are some photos from Melanie's party.
I'll upload some only, because I gotta go return my library books soon!


Thats a 'player'. HAHA.

Starry girlssss.

Birthday girl!!


Got karaoke inside limousine :D


We were singing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne then suddenly, the limousine alighted at Downtown east and the door opened and everyone looked inside!!
So embarrassing ok!

Feeling abit hungry..


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