I... Overslept!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walao, I overslept today!!

I was sleeping soundly until I felt vibrations from my handphone.
Picked up the phone then I realised it was 10am ++!!!

Oops, sorryyyyy.

So I went back to sleep until 2.15pm..

Anyway, I'm think I'm pretty slow, but I just saw this in Channel NewsAsia.

Singapore's first H1N1 flu case~

From Straitstimes.com

SINGAPORE has reported its first patient infected with the new A(H1N1) flu strain.

The patient, a 22-year-old Singaporean woman, had been in New York from May 14 to 24, and arrived here on Tuesday morning.

While seated in row 55 on Singapore Airlines flight SQ25, she began to develop a cough, but she passed the thermal scanner at the airport later without being stopped, because she did not have a fever at the time.

Later that morning, she went to a general practitioner who decided to send her to Tan Tock Seng Hospital via the special ambulance service 993 meant for suspected Influenza A (H1N1) cases.

Laboratory test confirmed her infection at midnight on Tuesday.

The patient is being treated at the TTH Communicable Disease Centre and is in stable condition.

The Health Ministry said the patient has been vigilant in monitoring her condition and had sought immediate medical attention once she realised she was unwell.

"Her attending GP, through his quick response in activating the 993 ambulance for the patient, had also helped to minimise the spread of infection from this case," said a ministry statement.


The ministry asked passengers who had been seated in rows 52 to 58 on the same flight to call its hotline on 1800-333 9999, so that its officers can check on their health condition.

Well, just in case you've got swine flu, haha.

While the Ministry of health is worrying about swine flu, I'm worried about getting fat!!

I just ate a lot of my Goldilocks's brownies... :(

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