Let me sleep in peace!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Argh, my weekends are ruined.

These past few weeks, the workers have been drilling and drilling and drilling the walls that this morning I could feel the vibration of it!!!!!!!!!!

And it's fucking noisy.

I really need my weekends to replenish my sleep lor :(

Ah, forget it.
I think I've gained a few pounds from yesterday.

After studying, (which I had already drank Caramel Frappe) we went to eat dinner at Tampines 1.

Later, Thadsha called me to go eat supper with her mum because of the delicious delicious brownie they were talking about.

Haha, so we went to Simpang Bedok and I ate noodle with tom yam soup, roti john, brownie with vanilla icecream and a cup of lychee juice!

Okay this supper is so killing me.
After they sent me home, my family was already preparing to go for supper (AGAIN) at Changi Village.

So I tagged along and just drank peach juice, heheh.

My workers: Eddy, Thadsha, Jiawen, Weifeng and myself.

LOL. I'm so sorry :X

Oh yeah, going to Leon's party later! :)

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