Like finally.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

(pretty long)

I've changed my blogskin.
I've updated.
My laptop's screen is replaced with a new one.

I haven't return my library book.
I didn't eat anything except for a hashbrown and a cup of Caramel Frap yesterday.

Anyway, yesterday was our last paper.
Waited for so long for it, even though our Mother Tongue O levels paper is in June.

Thadshayiniy and I decided to go out to town since it's been SO LONGGGG since we stepped into town.

Initially, I wanted to make a vlog (video+blog) because I am damn lazy to blog nowadays, but it failed! (I wanna upload the video lehhhh, but I said too many things in it hehehe)

So I'll update with photos :)

Photos are not in order.

Can't see the blisters from Thadshayiniy's feet, haha!

After town, we took a cab down to Century Square and bought tix for the malay ghost movie.

When we came into the theater, the scary part was already there and when we were going to take our seat, everyone screamed and I sat on Cherry's legs and both of us scream together, LOL.

I hate the part when the wife was possessed and she was in the room.
It's damn freaky!!

Cherry was so scared until she cried, but after that she got better :)

We waited for the bus for quite sometime, and Amos missed his bus!!
Took bus 358 with Jessie, Cherry and Eddy. I was really scared to go up alone, so Jessie offered to sent me up to my door steps!
THANK YOU JESSIE!!!!!!!! I love you!

I swear I could have died if you weren't there.

It's never too good to watch a horror movie then go home alone, because somehow you will start imagining things!


Anyway, here are some photos from Melanie's party.
I'll upload some only, because I gotta go return my library books soon!


Thats a 'player'. HAHA.

Starry girlssss.

Birthday girl!!


Got karaoke inside limousine :D


We were singing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne then suddenly, the limousine alighted at Downtown east and the door opened and everyone looked inside!!
So embarrassing ok!

Feeling abit hungry..


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