Testing again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm posting this fr my brother's iPod! I am talking to breast friend on the phone and studying as together.


Sunday Family Outing

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daddy brought my brother, Gongxi, Fachoy and I to Pet Safari..

The person said that these two hamsters are not meant to be. Lol!

Fachoy (the brown one) is simply too aggressive, while Gongxi is too gentle lor..
That's why when we put them together, they fight and roll into a ball, super scary!!

Oh well...

Took this photo over the weekend :)
Am I being too sensitive? Is it because I've had enough?? For the 16 years of my life, I've never done that to anyone I cherished before.. Yesterday you made it to the first on my list. Even if I'm in the wrong, at least bother to show some respect and courtesy. I thought friends don't do that. You've crossed the line, you've pushed my limits. And..... you proved me wrong about our friendship. Thanks :)

Thank you for your support

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lol, I was checking through my blog's analytics..
Don't know who went to google "sg blogger gladys"

So cute!!

They also googled "Seoul garden", "hungry ghost festival" etc.

And besides Singapore, there're people from these below countries who visit my blog!

  • United States
  • Croatia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Canada


Perhaps I will be some famous celebrity blogger someday, HAHA!

I'm going to submit my letter writing to Mrs Ong via email, soon! :)
O levels are coming!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday Kailin!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!

(Wong Kailin :))
We've been good friends for more than 8 years!

Today, after school went lunch with Jiale, Yan Mae, Chinghsia, Gina and Thadsha! It was so good to hang out once again with them again..

After lunch, Thadsha and I went to popular then I tried to hunt for something while she was complaining about how nice the glow in the dark stars were.

T: "Walao you see!! Argh I want to buy.."
Me: "-_-"
T: "Wahhh!!"
*All the stars drop out of the plastic bag*


Lol super funny okay anyway, after I bought my things we were on the bus then her father smsed her that he'd transferred her $40 so in the end we went Tampines again and bought her GLOW IN THE DARK STARS STICKERS..

It just motivates me to take out my pen out to do maths..

Singapore should come out with more pretty pencil cases so people whose taking major exams like me will be more motivated lor!

After that I went home and quickly wrapped Kailin's present and took a quick shower and headed her house for barbecue!!!

Haha, I still miss the smell of it....
It's super nice! Especially the hotdogs, chicken and mushroom!

SADLY, We did not take any photos!!!!!

We just went down to the playground (our usual hangout) and talked ghost stories like haunted areas, blah blah etc..

Erm, actually Kailin took one super unglam photo of me but I shall not upload here.

Had tons of fun today!!

P/s: The pink glow-in-the-dark star is so cool!! It's glowing in my room now.. But I shall not take a photo of it coz it's the 7th month :S


I like this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you aren't treated right by a guy, don't wait for him to change. Ditch his sorry disgrace-to-the-male-population ass, because there'll be someone out there who will treat you with utter respect.

Girls rule :-)

Btw, if any of you are planning to have a BBQ/dancing/drinking/birthday parties to be held at Pasir Ris Park, there're two things you have to be careful about.

  • Crocodiles
THE hunt is on for the crocodile spotted in the mangrove swamp near the Tampines River canal in Pasir Ris Park.

The reptile, which was more than a metre long, was first spotted in a mangrove swamp two weeks ago by retiree Ong Wee Lee, 70, a park regular.

Three days ago, he caught sight of it again. His daughter snapped a photograph, which made the headlines in the local media during the past two days.

-http://straitstimes.com (6th Aug)

Apparently, they're still looking for the saltwater crcodile..
Okay, I wouldn't want to see that.

  • Bacteria
Also, the content of the bacteria that is found in human and warm blooded animals faeces in Pasir Ris beach's seawater is still quite considerably high compared to the other beaches.

Government prompts the people not to swim in Pasir Ris beach.

So don't think you very cool then you go swim because you might drink the filthy seawater or become a meal for the crocodile hor!!


6 family members now (No, Fachoy didn't give birth)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guess what's inside this box?



It's Gongxi!!!!!!!!!

We bought HIM just a few hours ago, and he's settling happily in his new home.

My father likes white hamsters, so we bought it at WhiteSands lor..

When your hand go near him, he will squeak very loudly.

Papa bought it coz he thought Fachoy needed an accompanion, but was proved wrong........

The moment we put them together, they fight and squeak so loudly that I ran away while my brother and my father fix the mess. Hehe.

Fachoy is so fierce!!!!!!
She doesn't like Gongxi to touch her territory.


Eating like a pig

That's Gongxi, so cute

Because of their disputes, we have to separate them

A new toilet for them :)

Fachoy don't think you can act innocent to me..

I guess he misses his siblings..

Thank goodness he's beginning to settle down now, not as scared as just now anymore!

I feel so sleepy now.
It's been raining the whole day and because of the new family members I haven't been doing my homework..

Oh yeah, just now we went to Elias and relieved back those old days. The fishball noodle is still as nice as ever!!!!!!!!


Erm I go play with hamsters firsttttttt :P


New family member!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

After so many years, my father is finally bringing us to Elias to do our favourite family pastime again - Eating at the stall whereby they sell superb fishball noodles and go to the pet shop and look around!

Just now, my father brought us to Tay Ying's house and my mother and her mother chatted for a SUPER long time(cos they haven't seen each other for 4 months)
blah blah blah..

Ya, then her mother gave my brother a hamster, coz she didn't want to keep hamsters anymore.
(She's been keeping hamsters for 6 years)

So sudden right?!

Nvm, we went home and let the furball settled into her new home.

None of us dare to touch her (cos my whole family scared of hamsters, believe anot?!)

Finally, Papa was the first brave one to hold it..

"Lai guai ah girl girl, don't bite don't bite.."

Followed by some disgusting kissing sound that is supposed to calm the hamster down I suppose?

Anymore, after much brainstorming for a decent name, we've finally decided on


It means prosperity in cantonese and will bring more money HAHAHA.

Settling into its new home~

See, everything is so neatly arranged for her only lor!!

Keeping fit to attract handsome angmoh male species

After that, I made a temporary toilet for her, so she could bathe inside with her apple-scented powder..

Now tell me why are hamsters living a better life than those kids in Africa?!

So good to her yet she rejected my efforts..

Still loving her wheel

She is my sister from now on, hehe.
Fachoy Png!!!! :)

Okay, this is getting so ridiculous.



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today is hungry ghost festival!!!!!!!
(If you see my post two years ago, I actually posted some rules for this festival, hehe)

I overslept and missed school today :(
Not forgetting cohort's photo taking session!

Walao, I want the poster so much can, argh.

While at home, I was so bored that I went to surf the internet and found out there's this "camping" event at Hua Song Museum (Har Paw Villa area)  during the Hungry Ghost festival!

You can know more about the event here.

I have no idea why people want to join such things, because it is so scary la..
If the supernatural is meant to be different from the mortal world, why die die also must explore?!

"Some things should left undiscovered. It is not very good to know too much about the supernatural world..  " 
This is what my grandmother told me!! I will always remember this line.

But still, I tend to be a bit KPO la.. Such things kinda add to the thrill and excitement :)

I'm scared, but I'm curious too.

Anyway, since Sfogs.com (The infamous ghost website during our primary school days) has closed down, something more interesting to replace our curiousity of the supernatural : SPI's Website!!!

Okay, I'm off to cooking my udon noodles now..
And I shall revise Mensuration and Properties of Circles later.

From today onwards, I shall not use such uncivilised sentences such as,
"Sian sia, need to do homework nia!"

I will be using elegant sentences with poise like,
"Why can't I be motivated to do that depressing pile of homework?"

(Anyway, I got it from Straits Times "In")



Slept at 6am in the morning

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guess what I was doing the whole night?! Making the blogskin of my favourite TV episode, Gossip girl!!!!!

Click to preview
Totally love it!  

Came back yesterday from Giant with my family.
My red spectacles is now fixed! Super happy. Hehehe.

And I bought stick-on handphone diamonds to stick on my handphone!!!!!!

Pretty?? :)

Tomorrow is our GCE O levels english oral, (for real now) and I'm really nervous!!
What if I laugh in the middle of the conversation?! (People who know me well will know I tend to do this sometimes)

What if I made a tiny little error?? (stammer, stop, laugh, whatever)

Such tiny little things can bring down my marks can..

Argh!! I shall disturb my neighbours this evening.
It'll be their worst evening ever!! (Especially that stupid dog beside my house)

I'm gonna talk to myself. :)


Happy birthday Eddy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Haha, I hope Eddy enjoyed yesterday!
Anyway, we went to watch G.I Joe yesterday..

It was quite a nice movie (Unlike what others say) and I like the maggots behind the infected people's ears.. Hehehe.

I know it's Eddy's birthday.. But I HAVE TO SAY THIS!!!!!!!

I hate my hair so much.. Look like some bird's nest or something -_-

We were supposed to catch the ghost movie, but in the end watch G.I Joe lor..
Nvm, I shall watch the ghost movie online AGAIN.

While waiting for the rest, the boys went to play arcade -_-

We love Esther.. (LOOK AT JESSIE!! HAHAHA)
Trying out with my handphone hehe
 My Peach + Apple drink
Amos so "handsome" here!
Unsuccessful shot
Birthday boy is the ultimate "player"!!
Amos's hands -_-
Amos hands on Breasty's hair HAHA

Overall, it was kinda fun!!



A tryout with my new camera..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Okay, we filmed this Ju-On parody in class while studying POA.Boredshit..


This THING is so scary looking.. HAHAHA


How I spent National Day during the weekends

Monday, August 10, 2009

 Thadsha came to stay  over at my house on the eve of National Day, and we had fun!!

Haha, it wasn't as bad as she said la..

We had our own "popcorns" and "movie".. (Which I fell asleep halfway)
We SAW some things at somewhere.. EEyer.

Anyway, it was my first time to sneak in and sneak OUT of a NC16 movie..
ORPHAN! (I think I shall just watch online hehe)

We didn't camwhore.. Oh, SHE DID. LOL.
Cos the mood wasn't very... erm, pleasant at that time so we didn't camwhore :(

 We went for supper!!!!

My delicious cowboy noodle...
After the next day, she was still sleeping in her bed and I drew the curtains!!
"OH MY GOD MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!"

Lol, after that she washed up and went home..
I was super bored at home, typing out my Geography notes but luckily, Papa brought something back home........................................................

MY SAMSUNG DJ!!!!!!!!!!
My boyfriend is in it
Earphones :)

Muhahahha, I can finally get rid of that handphone which has nobluetooth no infrared and no music except for all the default ringtonesthat is super retarded.

Lucky this was there to accompany me during National Day :(

If not, I'd be bored to death. Thank you Papa!!

P.S thanks for the love letters Iris, Adriena and Danette, hahaha! :)

I enjoy reading them again and again! 

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