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Sunday, August 23, 2009

After so many years, my father is finally bringing us to Elias to do our favourite family pastime again - Eating at the stall whereby they sell superb fishball noodles and go to the pet shop and look around!

Just now, my father brought us to Tay Ying's house and my mother and her mother chatted for a SUPER long time(cos they haven't seen each other for 4 months)
blah blah blah..

Ya, then her mother gave my brother a hamster, coz she didn't want to keep hamsters anymore.
(She's been keeping hamsters for 6 years)

So sudden right?!

Nvm, we went home and let the furball settled into her new home.

None of us dare to touch her (cos my whole family scared of hamsters, believe anot?!)

Finally, Papa was the first brave one to hold it..

"Lai guai ah girl girl, don't bite don't bite.."

Followed by some disgusting kissing sound that is supposed to calm the hamster down I suppose?

Anymore, after much brainstorming for a decent name, we've finally decided on


It means prosperity in cantonese and will bring more money HAHAHA.

Settling into its new home~

See, everything is so neatly arranged for her only lor!!

Keeping fit to attract handsome angmoh male species

After that, I made a temporary toilet for her, so she could bathe inside with her apple-scented powder..

Now tell me why are hamsters living a better life than those kids in Africa?!

So good to her yet she rejected my efforts..

Still loving her wheel

She is my sister from now on, hehe.
Fachoy Png!!!! :)

Okay, this is getting so ridiculous.

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