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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today Thadshayiniy just came my house abit too randomly and stayed until 9pm!
Haha, that fat pig gobbled up the whole bowl of prawn mee that my mother had cooked for her.

After that, she felt like vomiting and her face was a classic for 30 minutes!


10th anniversary bear!

Anyway, Children's day (tomorrow) is a holiday for us! (Except for those who are taking bio papers tomorrow, good luck :S)

But the following day will be Physics and POA paper, so it doesn't feel quite like a holiday actually..

That stupid ass hahahahaha;

P.S: My mummy bought lollipops and chicken mum mum for Thadsha and me -_-


Top 5 things I want to do after O levels

Friday, September 25, 2009

After the O levels, I'll be probably in Malaysia..
(But I'll still be in Singapore for prom night la)

So, there're so many things I want to do in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I'll just write about the top 5 things ;)

1) Dye my hair

In malaysia, I would watch my mother happily dying her hair and I'd stand one side and ask her, "Mummy can I dye a little bit?"

Then she'd object to the idea and start to talk about school rules, etc.. This time, I can dye already!!!!

2) Watch movies with my cousin

Hopefully, she can take some time out of her hectic schedule and we can go watch something girly and hilarious!!

It's always fun spending sometime with my cousin :)

3) Change new hairstyle (Considering)

I am quite sick of my long hair..........
Anyway there's global warming thus making me even warmer with my long hair so it's time for a change!!

4) Convince Aunt to bring us to Langkawi

I really want to go Langkawi after watching this Hongkong movie that featured Sammie cheng and some handsome guy and they ended up marrying and live happily ever after :(

I am NOT going there because of the possibility of meeting a handsome guy, but because of the beautiful place okay!!

There's no way Singapore's beaches can be compared to their beaches because their sand is so white and fine! The water is super clear and blue too...


5) KISS MY BABY COUSIN (This is absolutely a must)

This is not an option, but a compulsory act.

Her chubby cheeks are super HUGE and she smell so nice!!
But like everyone, she will tend to smell abit weird at times..

Especially the cloth around her neck (Is it called baby bib?)
It smells like vomit and I feel like vomiting when I get a whiff of it.


But all these smelly moments usually don't occur that frequently, because she smells like a real baby most of the time!

I miss her :(

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up from my afternoon nap, I felt as if my whole body was on fire and my throat was killing me, not to mention my headache..

So I measured my temperature and it was a freaking 38.8 degree celcius!!

And the next day (which is today) was geography paper.
How was I supposed to stay up and mug for the paper with my fever?

Luckily my mother gave me medicine and took care of me the whole night!!
She never left my side and around 2am, I kinda woke up and I saw her putting a wet towel on my forehead with a bucket of water beside her.

And because of her endless care and concern, I managed to recover so quickly!
Overnight you know!!

Super touched!



Random Ramblings

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'll be on hiatus this period of time due to exams!!!!

I dreamt that I jumped down yesterday and Thadshayiniy say it wasl probably due to the accumulated stress inside my head..

I want to do well for Prelims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can feel it one :)



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't try to cover up your, your new flame
That's seething through your eyes.
I can see it from 10 feet away and I know
Just who is burning.
With every kiss you deny
So what makes you think, that I
Still care or still want you anymore

So how long has this been
Going on and one more thing tell me
Was she the reason you stomped on my heart
And moved on so quickly

You can call it pure torture
Watching your every move with her
Oh, just the thought of it,
Knowing what goes on between you
Makes me sick
I should've noticed, I should've noticed
When she came into the picture
You were always with her
And she's not leaving.

You called me shady
And now she's your baby doll
She drove you over,
Over to break it off
And this time just maybe
Maybe you went a little far
I'm sick of crying about,
About your new flame
That's soon to burn out.

So how long has this been
Going on and one more thing tell me
Was she the reason you stomped on my heart
And moved on so quickly

I'm done.


Just a random conversation with my mother.........

Me: Actually hor.. I think our neighbour's son quite handsome.. He's very tan and fit!!
Mother: He seems like an ah gua(gay) to me.
Me: Zzzzz.


Streets HongKong Cafe

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My father decided to go "Hongkong" today!

So we went to Streets for dinner which was our first time trying out the food there.

I ordered E-Mian with golden mushroom and it is SUPER delicious!!!!!!!!!
The milk tea is very nice too!


I'm so dead tired now.

I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and complete my maths worksheet within an hour's time!

(Hopefully, I can wake up la)



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before I go MIA because of this coming week's intensive prelims revision, some pretty pictures first........

Have fun seeing my faceeeee :)

I seriously can't believe I've got SS lesson tomorrow! AT 8AM SOMEMORE.
Crapshit, I tell you it's Selamat Hari Raya or something and we're going back.

I'm so lazy to find my notes.

WALAO, today must be the most embarrassing moment in my life.
I was taking bus 21 to Thadshayiniy house THEN when I was about to alight at her bus stop, I jerked and almost roll down the staircase. Okay that one was pretty alright.

The worst part was that I became embarrassed and flustered that when I was going down, I hit a malay guy's traditional hat whom was sitting behind the bus door and everyone looked!!! The guy must be cursing me...

Luckily I mumbled a sorry and quickly got down the bus :(


Let's roll the pictures again :)

Anyway, We went somewhere.

Wearing Thadshayiniy's purple scarf

I think looks better on her hehe

Where'd we go? Here's a clue:

Have fun deciphering the place ;)

No, I won't look back
Maybe this is bold
But I'm hoping you will stay for the happy ending



Thursday, September 17, 2009

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

So many maths paper to do, Prelims is just next week!


Random photos!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It'll be quite sometime that I'm going to blog again, since next week is already prelims.

Oh and by the way, 中秋节快到了!
Haha, it means Lantern festival is coming soon!

Cannot wait lor!!!!!!

Some random photos over the few daysssssss.

I'm currently reading this book now, oh well :)

This is a magnet! Haha, not a real dessert

Me and my brother at Swensens
Mooncakes :D

MISS ME! I'm still going to blog but lesser, until Prelims are over! MUACKSSSSSS


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I absolutely cannot wait for Lantern festival!

On that day, my mother will give us a lot of mooncakes to eat, and sometimes she even cook 汤圆 lor! (Is it called riceball in english? :S)

When I was young, I recalled that she'd bring us out to the park and we'd play with our lanterns and candles with our neighbours and friends :)
How I wish I could relive back those childhood days.....

I remember my powerpuff girl lantern caught fire and I was abit excited about it -_-

Anyway, some photos to update!
(Prelims are next week, so I might not be able to blog that often, don't miss me!!)

The weekends

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've been studying on this messy table for this whole week! Can you imagine that? Oh well nevertheless, I still love my messy table :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Give me some time, I will recover from this ordeal.

With all my heart.


hoGc's BBQ

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, our holiday wasn't that well deserved this September..

It's all about homework, revision, studying, remedials, supplementary classes and lessons!

Yes, it's near the corner.
As each day passes by, the tension is getting stronger too..

Yesterday was hoGc's BBQ, it was somehow a time for us to take a break from all the suffocating revision and homework!

It was a blast by the way! :)
Super fun!

While waiting for 196 bus :)

Eddy, me, Jessie!

Hahaha, that's a girl's thing to do..


And more.... :S

Hoohoo and Jessie!

Can you see his apple-wrapped wound? (knee)

A close up..

Me and Jessie!

Oops, more again!

When we reached there, we started playing some ice breaker games to introduce ourselves to everyone.

Very funny lor!! Especially the "blow wind blow" game!
Anyway, the sun was setting soon so we got down to 'work' because we didn't want to give it a miss!

Cherry, Jessie and me! :)

Awesome sunset (perfect background to take photos!!)

Jessie, Adriena, Cherry and me!

At the breakwater


Me! My hair is so weird can -_-

Eagle (I see Aloysius flying around :D)


Jolene, Nicole, Adriena, Cherry, me, Iris, Cheryl, Jessie, Danette and...
(SORRY! I forgot the name :S)

Wenfeng's unglam shot

Amos blocking our jumpshot!


Haha, then after that we went to Macdonalds to get some food..
Iris treated Cherry and me to double cheese burgers!!!


And she was talking in china and malaysian accent, super funny!

We took photos along the way :D

Drive drive drive

CHIO! Hahahahah

Wanted to act vintage.. but I kinda failed -_-

Iris look so excited! Jessie looks like her hand is stuck inside the machine, lol!!

Yayness! :)

After a whole day of activities, we were so tired lor.
We had games at night, and there were games like passing the food, soccer and blowing of the ball into the other bowl..

We had lots of fun!

And I'll end this post with..................................................

A tired shot of us :)

No mood to blog now.. I can't shake this awful feeling.

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