The most gruesome disgusting ARGH

Monday, September 07, 2009

I just witnessed my hamsters having the most gruesome sex ever.

They didn't squeak or anything, but my white hamster keep on humping onto the new hamster(Erm, we bought recently but didn't update about it hehehe. Btw she's got no name -_- Any ideas?) and he kept on licking her genitals!!!

Kept on forcing her lor..

I see also feel angry for the female hamster!!!!!!!!!!!

What rights do the stupid male species have to impose their sexual needs on the female species?!
If I'm the female hamster I'll bite his genitals off straight away!

I'm so traumatised by the scene!!!!!!!!

Anyway, today is Monday and supposedly it's the school holidays yet I'm going back for lessons.
Today, I stayed back in school from 9.30am till 6.30pm!

I tried (in vain) to finish up my homework in a day, but in the end, I haven't even complete my Maths lor!!

New Goal: Complete all assignments by TOMORROW. :)

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