Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Suddenly, history is like repeating itself, just that this time, I brought it upon myself. No one to blame, but myself.

And the only solution is to sleep, and hopefully, I'd wake up to a better day.

I'll be gone, not for long

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Help yourself to my Twitter updates thanks.

I'm super active on Twitter like how I WAS on my blog ;)

I'll be MIA-ing from my blog for an uncertain period because I have absolutely nothing on my mind to blog about now. Wait til I get back the passion and inspiration and the desire and the drive to blog again.



Friday, November 05, 2010

Random update. I'm a happy kid.

Life's been going pretty well (Y)
I likkkkeee.


Just a random update

Friday, October 29, 2010

Seriously, I don't know how the shit I got into public speaking. I can neither speak nor deal with talking to a big crowd of people whom I don't know..

I think ive really got stage fright or something.. When I talk I was literally tremblig over there because it was like so freaking sudden! What the shit, and everyone in the class could speak so freaking damn well with confidence!

Don't you have to prepare your speech or something?

I'm not good with dealing crowds , I'm very sure by now.

Anyway school has just started for me, so yeah, it's gonna be hell of a busy semester, with projects and many stuffs coming up.. I can't imagine I'm going to be busy with projects again wtf. I wanna go back to Malaysiaaaa. Singapore is too much for a girl like me to handle.

Halloween's coming up so let's hope there'll be somethig exciing coming up over the weekends :)

Kkzxz anyway I'm blogging straight from the itouch. It's freaking intensive for me to type that long, when my fingers can barely type out the correct letters. (sorry, i'm kinda new to this)


I wish...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sometimes it just sucks to know that things aren't the same anymore and you can't do anything about it..

I wish things were still the same.

Once most people get to experience new stuffs and meet more new fun loving people, they will tend to forget their old friends..

I know I shouldn't be saying all this, but honestly it's really sad to know that everyone, who used to be so close in the past, feels awkward with one another and don't even talk anymore.

Maybe it's true that it was secondary school that bonded us so closely, and ever since we left secondary school, everyone somehow started to drift from one another.

I miss my ex classmates :'(
Big time.


Bored si ren

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yesterday, I went Chompchomp with Jeslyn and Weifeng! :)
Seriously, the food was sooooooooooooooo damn good there, and not to forget, the durian mousse at Dessert Bowl. No words can express how I felt the moment I tasted the durian mousse.

You guys gotta go!!

When you enter the shop, Dessert Bowl, the smell of durian instantly hit you! Goshhhhh. Gotta upload the photos here when Jeslyn upload it on Facebook! :)

Anyway, this holiday has been by far, the most boring one in my whole entire life because usually, I'd be in Malaysia -_- So yeah, can't believe I'm stuck in Singapore doing the same thing almost everyday.

I haven't even achieved anything yet. Usually I'd set a goal to study this and that, but this holiday, I have no direction nor goal to work towards to.

Think I'm getting fatter but I. DON'T. CARE.

I just don't wanna turn into the next "Britney Spears"

Obviously the photo is photoshopped -_-


Shopping, Laughter and Friends are the best remedy

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aiyo, haters please direct your hatemails here la >> ihategladys@glamorised.com

Don't spam with all your filthy messages on my tagboard and then leaving a link to some innocent fella's facebook please. Tsk.

I'm already immune to all these shitxz already, lol.

Anyway, it's been really long since I updated my blog!! :(
Here I am, back to upload more photos!

It's the 3rd (or 4th?) week of my break now, and school's starting again. Seriously it's damn depressing.. Argh.

I met up with my secondary school close friends last week and I really miss them like to the ultimate max can!!

I went out with Jiawen on last Saturday to relieve back our memories of shopping together during our secondary 2 days! It was really fun! :) I miss herrrrr.

We went to Newlook at Suntec and there was this HUGE sales going on!!
Wtf, heels from 50 bucks to 10 bucks?!

Obviously, we went a little bonkers and went around the shop looking for pretty stuffs.
Jiawen's a killer shopper man.

At the end of the day, she spent more than me.. POWER!

Anyway, most of the clothes are like size 12, 14, and mostly are 18 -_-
What the shit, even if my brother and I were to fit into size 18, there's still space for one more.

Stilll, I bought two tops in the end. Haiss.

Walked through Marina Square to get back to the MRT station again so we could go to our next destination - Bugis!

When we reached Bugis, there were many people as usual..
"Omg I think I'm going to get lost.."

HAHA! Jiawen ahh.

While we walked to the drink store, she wanted to take a photo with this hairy thing made up of fruits, so yeah.. HAHA!

Not bad ah, nowadays fruits also have sunglasses -_-

Anyway we shopped at Bugis for quite a long while, and we walked around I bought this really drop dead pretty long necklace, while she bought a really nice pair of high waisted shorts. Heheh.

We then had dinner at Bugis Junction's Food Junction at 9 :)
Went toilet awhile, camwhored and finally, we took the train home.

Aiyo, we were walking to the train station then she suddenly pointed at the background and said, "EH! The background is very nice. Let's take picture there!!"

Haha, she's still as random as ever~

I miss herrrrr :'(
I hope we'll meet up really soon again! (And not wait 2 years later again -_- lol)

Anyway, there's this CamQueenOfTheYear.com contest going around, and contestants have to post a photo of them before makeup, and one after makeup.

Sia la, suddenly all the guys are damn enthusiastic in supporting all the pretty girls WITH makeup. That is why, what the fuck is with the saying,

"Natural beauty is the best. You look beautiful without makeup?"

Cut out all that shitty act man.

Without makeup, these girls eyebags, contact lens, dark eye circles, enlarged pores will scare the shit out of you la please -_-

So guys, please don't complaining too much if a girl spends her time to make up for you. She's trying her best to make a good impression. So stop telling them that they look best without makeup!

I went out with Yan Mae, Jiale, Gina and it was damn funnnnnnnnnnnn! :)

I was late by 30 minutes but cannot blame me!! :(
Everyone is just too early. Hahaaa I think they're gonna kill me if they see this.

We went to 313@Somerset's Food Republic and ate there :)
There're way too many stalls (including Toast Box!) that I wanna eat lor.. Especially that day when I had a sudden craving for Laksa.

In the end we bought Korean cuisine food.

Yan Mae's photography skills very good hor (Y)

Me and Gina! :)

Slacking around

Yan Mae posing for Top JC student heheh

After that ,we went to EPIcentre and Jiale and I were playing with the big Mac desktop. HAHHA, distorted faces.. The salesperson was like looking at us, but oh well :)

Went to this Japanese sweet treats shop and everything looks really yummy.

So pinkyyyyyy

After that, we went to Queensway shopping mall because YM wanted to buy a bag and a waterbottle.

Seriously, those people who were in the same train as us on that day were really unfortunate. Lolllll.

We kept on taking photos of our reflections in the train, and people who were sitting opposite lowered their head.. Oops :S

See what I'm talking about?

Once we reached Queenstown, there was this big LCD screen showing advertisements etc, but apparently their computer kena anti-virus update? HAHA!

Went to several shops, but YM couldn't find something she want..
She almost bought this bag that cost 50 bucks ( i think) that don't even look and feel like 50 bucks -_-

Gina, JL and I spent like 15 mins persuading her NOT to buy. Tsktsk!

Anyway, we went to Ikea which was nearby the mall, and since there were so many furnitures, we could finally rest our tired and aching legs!

Gina in her "room" typing on her laptop!

Me and YM! :)

Seriously , Yanmae is damn cute. Everyone was looking at the camera lens, but she was smiling to herself in the reflection instead. HAHA! At least she learned something useful that day - Smiling to the lens!!

In "my apartment"

Jiale daughterrrr ;)

JL decided to demonstrate her culinary skills, and she seriously look like those chefs on TV -_- LOL

The pan is empty.. The shelves too. Lol


But there're sets of cutlery on the table. I love the spoons!

In the toilet (fyi, its not the public toilet, just a showroom hah)

We had a lot of fun at IKEA! After that we headed to Anchorpoint mall for dinner :)
Settled at XinWang HK cafe! The business was really good there.

The french toast looks irresistable!!

Do you know that this mango dessert is the best in the whole wide world?!
It has mango slices and everything is just made from mango!!

1234, Happy meal!

After sitting there a while, it was getting colder..

Since it was pretty late, we took the bus back to the MRT station and took the train :)

Me and my darling YMMMMM :)

Gina is falling asleep.. Lols~

Really had a lot of fun with these dearly loved people in my life.. :)
I love them x100000000000!

On Monday, we had BSG-IG camp and I thought it was damn fun!!
Haha, met new people, a lot of water games were involved and no one was spared from the water.

I literally had a shower that day -_-

Alright, gotta run. Heading dinner with my mummmmy, her friends and my friends! :)

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